Sometimes…you just have to look in the mirror

Sometimes…you just have to look in the mirror. 
…and tell yourself: yes, you are beautiful. 

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…even when those mind crazies try to tell you otherwise.

…even when you feel the urge to look in the mirror and critique every last inch of your body.

…even when there is literally no reason to feel down and out, that rat hole just looms and looms and looms.

…until it becomes too much to bear and you stumble head-first right into it.

It’s that moment, that stumble-head-first-into-the-rat-hole-with-no-hope-of-escape. That’s the defining moment when *you* need to be the one to pull yourself out of it.

Because nobody else can, or should, pull you out of it for you. You have to learn to stand on your own two feet, shush those mind crazies all by yourself, pull on those big girl pants and take a flying leap over the rat hole instead.

Yep, that was exactly the talk I had to give myself tonight on the way to the studio. I had one of those moments where I just felt…bad. I wanted to critique myself to death. I wanted to just be my own worst enemy instead of my best friend.

But I knew I had to get OUT of that rat hole and get out of it fast. Thanks to some tough love from the sis and a bestie, I took a step back and looked in the mirror. Thought to myself: ‘shake it off already.’

And said, yes — I am beautiful. 
…in my own way. 
…on my own terms.
…because I’m perfectly imperfect. 

And that’s ok.

Goodbye rat hole. Get the eff outta here mind crazies.
I will *not* let you win tonight. 


17 thoughts on “Sometimes…you just have to look in the mirror

  1. I thought of you as I left the gym today after a great run. Once I slowed down to a walk after an good interval run, my deep breath was refreshing. I felt like a new person and loved that I had burned 500 calories, that always feels nice! As I stepped out of the gym I had an ahhha moment. I was thinking, “this is what Jess is talking about – me time.” Taking the time to do something good for you and just you. I felt empowered as I got in the car. I have also started taking pictures after my workouts like you. It is a great reminder of how rejuninated a great workout feels. So, a big thank you for your blog!

  2. I LOVE this and needed it right before my workout! I’ve been comparing myself to others at the gym lately and putting myself down – which never helps anyone! Thanks for the reminder to jump out of the rat hole and into a healthy mindset!

    • That is the worst rat hole to be in — the one where you find yourself beating yourself up at the GYM, a place you go to get even more fit. Duh, why we do this to ourselves is beyond me, so wrong!! I’m glad it helped you pull yourself out of ‘that’ place too!

    • I was so frustrated with myself when I started getting into that down, rat hole ‘place’ ya know? It was just a bad place to be and I NEEDED to pull myself up. This post was just one way to do that. 🙂

      Ps YOU are awesome toooo

  3. Love this. So beautifully said. That rat hole? OMG has such a magnetic power sometimes but it takes all my will to recognize it and turn and jump right on over it. I’ve caught myself having similar thoughts lately and it’s just doesn’t make me feel good. You are absolutely beautiful and strong. PS my favorite hashtag? #insertyourownhashtaghere

    • Isn’t that rat hole horrendous sometimes?? SUCH an awful downward spiral and trap. I literally wrote this post so I can reference it next time the rat hole looms. I hope it stays away from me for awhile though, I mean really. Go away 😉

      Please keep that rat hole away from you too! You are beautiful and SO SO strong! never forget that 🙂

  4. Yes you are- but it is far more important for you to say that than for anyone else to say that. I used to self hate. Big time. I was horrible to myself. My husband recently remarked how refreshing it has been to hear me speak positively about myself- how it had been weeks since he heard me criticize myself aloud. It really struck me. I never realized how much my own criticism about my own body made him sad. Yes- he used to tell me not to say those things and tell me how beautiful he thinks I am, but it never penetrated. However lately, I feel more at peace, more centered and with that comes far more acceptance about who I am. And now- when he compliments me- I actually HEAR it. It’s amazing!

    • Oh my gosh, I LOVED this comment. I read it while sitting in traffic this morning and I was BEAMING from ear to ear. I LOVE that you are in such a happy, centered and more confident place today and that your husband noticed?? And has been noticing all along? So huge. They are so intuitive, aren’t they? Just wish I (and we!) listened to them more often, huh? At least on this stuff 😉 hehe

      Bottom line: SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!

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