Little, simple things.

Given all that’s happened this week, I’ve been struggling (like so many of you) to find peace among the sadness.
…the one thing that has given me some semblance of comfort this week? Little, simple things.

Like running with Scott, reuniting as #teamsutera on a few occasions this week (he’s on April vacation from work so I am taking full advantage of our ability for rundates!), including on Tuesday morning where we ran for Boston, as part of the “Runners Unite” movement that swept Facebook on Monday night.

photo (35)

Even something as simple as opening up a Dove promise to find this message hiding inside:

photo (34)

Fabulous *and* flawed — amen, amen, amen. <—Please, please, please remember this the next time you mentally berate yourself, or slip away from self-love and into self-hate, or any other form of self-doubt or mind crazies. I need this reminder as much as anyone else. We are *all* fabulous and flawed and that’s what makes us unique, beautiful wonderful people.

Now, I wouldn’t call this next one a ‘little’ thing so much — but my husband, the man I adore and love and cherish more than anything else on this earth, well — he sure knows how to shower me with love and affection. And this time, the man outdid himself. These showed up at my door yesterday when I got home from work:

photo (36)

Apparently, Scott spied over my shoulder while I was ogling these beautiful Tieks online over the weekend and took it upon himself to go back and order me a pair (knowing full well I would never spend that kind of money on shoes myself). Seriously? Can I keep him please?? ❤

And finally — the simplicity of a long walk on ‘date night’ which is always Wednesday night for us. The one night during the week that neither of us is busy. We cherish that night together. And normally, that night involves a great meal, a couple of glasses of wine and a movie or a catch-up-on-DVR night. But last night? Last night was different. We opted for a long walk after dinner — to a local frozen yogurt spot for a sweet treat. We wound up walking over 10k steps or a little over 5 miles. And we just talked. And talked. And talked. About the Boston marathon tragedy. About the possibility (or not) of running another marathon. About random little things we noticed along the way — like the big dipper in the dark night sky while walking home. Or how the crickets sounded while we made our way back to our house along our favorite running route. There were no distractions. No tv’s with news stations sharing more sad stories. No iPhones with text alerts and Facebook updates. Not even a picture to commemorate the occasion. Just us. And it was perfect.

Little, simple things. #needed

14 thoughts on “Little, simple things.

  1. ❤ this! H just started running with me…I can't tell you how much it's changed our marriage for the better. We were doing great before, but this just tops it. It's amazing, because not only is he such an amazing motivator, but his stride is like twice that of mine. (6'4, size 16 shoe. LOL He takes two steps for every one of mine.) Anyways, haha, my point is that I'm totally understanding the bond…the simplicity of running together.

    • Isn’t it the most AMAZING bonding time together?? I LOVE that you two are now running together (despite the height/stride issues hehe). It’s just such a bonding time, a FUN time and a challenging time together. The best ever!

  2. A simple post about simple things – really enjoyed it. And I have never heard of Tieks before…I am currently pouring over its web site (my wallet thanks you…) 🙂

  3. So how do your tieks fit? True to size? Do you wear them out and about or on the street too? How to choose a pair? I love them all!!!

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