On “found” time

So this past weekend didn’t go as originally planned. You see, I was all set to spend a good 8 hours at barre n9ne in training for Pound – Rockout Workout, a training that was *supposed* to happen this winter but a certain blizzard kinda interfered. But after last week’s events, it proved not to be the safest of times to be traveling into Boston for our friends at Pound, so alas, training didn’t happen afterall.

…which lead to a whole bunch of  “found” time on Saturday. 

Both of my usual Saturday morning classes at barre n9ne were already subbed out. I was supposed to be training for Pound, afterall. So just like that — my Saturday was a clean slate, with absolutely no schedule, no agenda, no plans whatsoever.

The ‘old’ me would’ve whipped out my to-do list…or started an entirely fresh to-do list, and gone to town. You see, I think I’ve done a good bit of changing the past 8 months or so — I suddenly remembered this post: the one where I told myself to chill the eff out. And I remembered how anxious and upset I felt, how all up in my head with mind crazies galore I felt, how utterly strained and unhappy I felt. And I remembered how much I did *not* want to return to that ‘self’ again.

So lo and behold — Saturday became a free-for-all, a day where suddenly ‘found’ time became fun time versus productive time. 

It started with an awesome, but very challenging, run with the hubs. #TeamSutera reunited once again to tackle one of our favorite ‘long’ running routes from our very first half marathon training almost 4 years ago. The route is about 20 mins from our house so we drove to the starting point and parked our car — this after sleeping in, awaking to *no* alarm clock, something that happens very rarely at the Sutera Manor these days — and off we went.

photo (53)

We chugged along and man, it felt a lot more challenging…but in a very good, very ‘worked’ way, a way my body needed to feel. I admit that I battled my head a little bit at first, getting super frustrated that the run wasn’t one of those easy-breezy-could-run-forever runs. But then I remembered that sometimes you gotta work extra hard for the miles and let your body work. And after I gave myself that gut check reminder pep talk, I felt much better and chugged side-by-side with Scott.

It turned out to be an incredible run.

photo (54)

I think our smiles say it all — it was one of those cleansing, refreshing, replenishing runs. I think all of the emotion of the week needed to escape and the miles were our escape route. We ran along freshly-rained-on pavement and all around us it just felt clean, fresh and new. All of us in Boston needed that ‘fresh and new’ feeling, I do believe. And we got it on Friday night and into Saturday morning in more ways than one. (SO glad both bombers are no longer roaming the streets of Boston…so, so glad. 

Other than that run? Scott and I spent some time pitter-pattering (this is SO a “Scott” word haha) around the house before we stopped to watch the opener of the Bruins and then the Red Sox games…and watching both ceremonies where the city paid tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy but also the heroes, I cried. And cried. I couldn’t be more proud of this city, of Boston, our home. ❤

After wiping away those tears, we decided it was time to get out of the house for a bit. We wound up at one of our newfound favorite spots for an afternoon drink. They have ample seating at the bar and lots of TVs to watch the various Boston sporting events — and the pours there? They are generous to say the least, ha. 😉

photo (55)

It was an awesome break from reality — we chit chatted with our fellow bar-mates, and I even saw my boss there which was kinda funny. But mostly, we just took the time to get away from normalcy, using the ‘found’ time we had on our hands for fun, carefree time together.

So what’s my point here? (other than to blab on and on about how fabulous our Saturday wound up being??)

“Found” time is a gift. Use it wisely.

As recent events have shown us, life is so short, so fleeting and such a blessing. Live every single second of it. My vote? Let’s live a little more like the sentiment behind this Dove Promise message, hmm?

photo (56)

23 thoughts on “On “found” time

  1. Like a good breeze or a breathe of fresh air. Great hearing about your beautiful team run and how you’re relaxing and enjoying every moment.

    Great pics. Those Dove chocolates are way better than a horoscope:)

    • Exactly — it was so refreshing and rejuvenating, exactly the run we both needed.

      And ps seriously those Dove chocolates, I swear they were made just for me with their messages!!

  2. this sounds so wonderful! And as usual- I feel like we are on the same wavelength. The events of the week also canceled our plans for Saturday and we found ourselves with an entire day- free- together! We ended up spending it at the outlets, getting in a ton of steps and shopping for an upcoming vacation. We followed it with a nice dinner out- it was AMAZING. The novelty of a WHOLE DAY with a spouse, with no definite “to-dos”??

    🙂 Isn’t it funny how such a little think- just a little “one-on-one” time can make all the difference? I am so happy you had this time this weekend. I think after this week, it is all the more important.

    • TOTAL same wavelength once again — I LOVe that you got some time together with the hubs and it was one of those unexpected rare treats — exactly what you needed right?? YAY for that!!!
      (and YES just a little one-on-on time can make ALL the difference in the world…truly)

  3. Love this. Found time is like a treasure but I always seem to squander it. I’m so so happy and proud of you for enjoying the day and letting it unfold. Go #TeamSutera!

    • Exactly — I’ve always squandered it too. This is one of the first times I truly embraced the lack of schedule and a plan and it wound up being the MOST fun day ever.

  4. I need to find some of this time you speak of. 😉

    While I’m sorry your training got delayed, I’m so glad you got the time to relax and enjoy some time together with Scott. Sounds like you two made the best of it. We tend to be on the go, go, go, but I’m really focusing on letting go of schedules on the days that we can. It really is refreshing to stop and take these moments as opportunities instead of letting them pass without appreciating them. I hope you have a great week my friend!

    • Yes — you seem to need a bit of that free time too, my friend. I LOVE, however, that when there IS a bit of free time, you are learning to embrace that and to revel in it vs. thinking about how many items on your to-do list you could tackle with that sudden free time. Sometimes just sitting and taking the freedom in is SO much more important than ticking something off of a mental to-do list, you know??

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