*That* moment.

*That* moment. 

The one with life altering, life changing, transformative implications.
…it’s rare that you can actually pinpoint *that* moment. 

But when you do pinpoint a moment like that, it’s kind of amazing. 

This morning, on my way back from the studio after teaching a super sweaty toned, firm, fit and ready class, I glanced at my email and saw this message waiting for me:

photo (6)

*That* moment — two years ago today, that I took my very first barre n9ne class. I knew, after taking that first class — with the one and only Tanya Croteau! (<3) — that I had to go back. There was something there, something I needed more of. Little did I know just how life altering that day would be two years ago. I know I say this often, but I seriously could not be more grateful for the home barre n9ne studio has in my heart, for the continued opportunity to teach, to pay my own experiences forward, and to see clients transform on their own, right before my eyes. *That* moment.

After thinking about the whole ‘moment’ concept, the second life changing moment that came to mind? This one:

photo (58)

That would be Scott and I (aka #teamsutera!), after our longest Chicago Marathon training run: 22 miles. It was one week after our WORST long run of our lives (this 20 miler...to jog your memory), and we both desperately needed a redemption run, one that would prove to both of us that we could haul ass for all 26.2 miles on race day. It was *that* moment captured in the picture above, where you can see the pain in my eyes and  in my scrunchy lines on my forehead that I knew: we would cross that finish line on race day. And yup, we totally did. *That* moment was life altering, too.

(and you better believe that our marathon experience is VERY much on my mind lately after last week’s Boston tragedy. I can’t say whether or not #teamsutera has another marathon in us or not…but it is weighing heavy on my mind, and on my heart, for sure).

*That* momentwhen everything falls into place, everything fits, and transformations begin. 

24 thoughts on “*That* moment.

  1. ((love)) I LOVE that this moment, our two year b9-oversary is today. We can share it from afar, but still share it. These last two years? Brought us even closer, and we share something so unique, I love love love it 🙂 XO

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Isn’t it funny how some moments just STICK with you? It may be something about barre. I had *THAT* moment after my first barre class as well!

    I think it is beyond amazing that you and you husband ran that marathon together- so very inspiring and so very wonderful to share something so life altering like that together! You are so adorable together 🙂 cheers!

    • It totally IS something about that barre, huh? Life changing, transformative, empowering!!

      And thank you friend, the hubs is pretty awesome, we learned SO MUCH through marathon training and I’m really glad we had the chance to do it together. It made all those hours on the road SO MUCH more bearable and memorable.

    • And your comment my dear gave ME chills — what a reminder of the importance of honoring His plans, huh? He works in amazing, awe-inspiring ways, indeed. I am so grateful and blessed and FAITH FILLED my friend 🙂

  3. Love. Happy Happy Anniversary. I love when you can pinpoint *that* moment. My husband always makes fun of me because I remember lots and lots of things. hee hee. But it is remembering those moments that are pretty amazing.

    • HA. I love that you can remember ‘lots and lots of things’ and that your husband isn’t always a fan, hehe. BUT it’s true, pinpointing the more noteworthy, life-changing moments in life — simply amazing. 🙂

  4. Love it! I started doing a barre class here in December (the dailey method) and love it. I’m going to stick with it as long as I can with these babes and then will definitely do it again once I’m able to post-mayhem (aka when the twins are born). I love how my body has changed in just the last few months (even though it’s now going in the other direction), but I know it will give me the strength for the birth and will help me “bounce back,” so to speak.

    • Ohhh I didn’t know you started barre classes – YAY!! It’s actually really great for expecting moms — we have a ton of them at the studio who have taken classes well into their pregnancy and have grown stronger and much more able to bounceback post-baby. So I’m excited that you have the option there and can rock it out with those twinnies growing in your belly. SO FUN!!

  5. Those moments are what makes this life amazing. ❤ (And am I a total goob for being the type of person that can relate a song to any of the great moments in my life – even if those songs were playing right at that moment? lol Songs can make me cry in an instant.) Love this post friend. ❤ (And happy B9 anniversary!)

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