A need to move

Something I’ve been mulling over lately is this need to move.
…a need to be active. 
…to fit in moments of fitness where I can.
…and to embrace ability. 

I know I’ve talked about how being able to lead a fit and active lifestyle is something I try not to take for granted. And that fitness isn’t something that’s a chore for me but a total privilege.

…but what I haven’t really touched on is how this need to move has sort of evolved for me of late. 

Into its  most simple form: fueling the innate need to move that lives in all of us. As humans, we were built to live an active life. To walk, skip, jump, run, move.

And I think that’s why I’ve found myself restless during the week when I’m not able to move as much as I’d like. While sitting in traffic during my morning commute. Or sitting at work behind a computer screen or in a conference room. My body is railing against the sedentary nature of the 40+ hours a week I do the opposite of what my body wants me to be doing: to move and be active.

So rather than harp on the fact that I *do* have a job (which I actually love) that requires lots of sitting, I’m shifting my focus to ways that I am able to move, be active and fit. 

For one — I am able. When surrounded by continued tragic stories of Boston marathon bombing victims with severe, life altering injuries — many of whom lived very active lifestyles beforehand — and those stories just make my heart so heavy for them. I put myself in their shoes and wonder if I’d be able to shift my focus in a situation like that.

Also — I do have the ability to fit in moments of fitness and activity during my days, and in ways that not everyone has access to. Like a treadmill in the loft to hop on if I can’t get outside for a run (like I did this morning — just 30 minutes of motion made my soul so happy as the sun rose). Or access to a studio that I adore — where I have the opportunity to teach as often as I like and have been fitting in some classes too which again, makes my soul so, so happy.

And finally — the little moments of motion. Like a quick Sunday afternoon walk with Scott after I taught at the studio. Just a quick spin around the neighborhood to take in the gorgeous spring evening, listening to the birds chirp, seeing squirrels scamper past us, and breathing in the fresh air. And yes, being active. 

You see — this need to move isn’t about being fit, or about going balls to the wall with a running schedule or training program. Nope. My fit focus has shifted quite a lot lately. I just want to move, to be active, to embrace motion. And yeah…the joy of the sweat? I love that, too.

Let’s mark this in the category of Reason #679 why fitness is such a beautiful thing: it evolves over time, it involves fun fitdates and fit moments like this where I remember, at the very basic and simple, what fuels my love of wellness: a need to move, and sheer gratitude for the ability to do so. 


22 thoughts on “A need to move

  1. I love Lindsay’s comment. Of course.

    You hit the nail on the head when you say “what fuels my love of wellness: a need to move, and sheer gratitude for the ability to do so.” YES. The kids and hubby and I have been outside more…enjoying pulling weeds or walking around our land or playing at the pond or running together or flying kites. It’s just out. Soaking up Vitamin D, breathing fresh air, and just being present. Together.

    • It’s simple really — I just want to move, to feel my body work, to be alive that way. Not nearly about training or getting more fit or any of that. It’s so interesting how my perspective has changed recently.

  2. I feel this all the time. Luckily I have to kids who keep me moving a lot. For me it seems like the need to move goes hand in hand with the need to be outside. I love being outside, rain or shine. I need to have the sky over my head. The older I get the more I love moving outside (running/hiking/walking etc) vs. moving inside (treadmill/gym/classes etc).

    • YES. Being outside is the best — I miss it SO much during the yucky, cold winter months and try to get out there even in those months when I can. It makes me REALLY cherish the time I get outside in the spring/summer when weather is just AWESOME and so conducive to movement and lots of activity!

  3. I love this! I get the same way…especially on my commute. Or when I have to work long hours. I really value that time where I am able to workout and when someone cuts into it makes me made! Enjoying every minute when I’m out there really makes it much better!

    • The commute and/or long hours can really wear on me after awhile — its actually really draining to be SITTING so much vs. being active. We weren’t meant to live that way as humans!

  4. YES! moving for me is soooo essential. I love working from home because it allows me that freedom to randomly take a walk or simply move about. I notice when we take long car rides or travel I feel tired from simply not moving!

    • I used to do that all the time when I had a work from home job — now it’s more challenging being in an office BUT I find excuses at work to get up and about, talking to people in person vs. on the phone/IM/email, taking more water breaks and stuff also helps. Doesn’t compare to getting out and about during the day, but I’ll take what I can get, ya know??

  5. I feel the same way, especially when traveling!! I just WANT to move. my legs want to just be active, walking, whatever it may be. I feel fortunate to be able to DO, so when I can’t (when sitting on a plane or something lol), I really embrace that next time I can move.Good post sis!

    • Exactly — it’s a WANT to move thing, not a “need” to move for exercise sake, it’s just the love of being active that I miss most when I have no choice BUT to be inactive.

  6. Absolutely! And I try to tell Colin this when he’s playing a video game or on the computer. Luckily he listens to his mom and gets his ass moving – lol. Those are usually the nights he doesn’t have soccer and we end up jump roping in the driveway!!

    • I LOVE that you guys get up and out together, even just something fun like jump roping is a nice change up in routine, ya know?? Fun! (though I suck at jump rope haha)

  7. Great post Jess–>I try and stay fit with just simple motions like walking up the stairs instead of the escalator. And is it that really reason #679 (half kidding, half true question)!

    • I LOVE walking with Scott — we have such good conversation when we’re out enjoying the weather, the sights and sounds and just chit-chatting about our day, or dreams, future plans, etc. The best.

  8. Oh I totally get this!! I crave movement and last week, when I was stuck in meetings all week, my body just felt achy and miserable. I too appreciate the flexibility of working from home because I can fit in my workouts whenever or wherever.

    • Isn’t that the worst — all that SITTING drives me nuts during the week! I get such antsy pants!! That’s the one thing I do miss about my previous work-from-home job, LOTS of opportunity to fit extra movement into my day. It’s more challenging to do that during the week at an office all day but I find pockets where I can and make the best of it, ya know?

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