A dark thirty rundate

Let’s set the scene, shall we?

4:30am: alarm clock #1 blares

I smash the snooze button as fast as I can. I *hate* the sound of the alarm clock, will do anything to wake up just before it blares just so I don’t have to hear it.

Quickly assessing my sleepiness and decide that yup, we’re doing this. The dark thirty rundate I promised to myself, to eachother and yes, to the ladies of the barre n9ne running group on Facebook. I was totally accountable.

The hubs….well let’s just say he was less than excited to roll out of bed. Even tried the ‘ol roll over and cuddle up trick, thinking that would convince me that an extra hour sleep was a way better idea than getting out for our run.

(doesn’t he know me by now? I mean, really, hehe)

I got up first, brushed my teeth and got dressed. While pinning back my hair in the bathroom, the hubs rolls in and utters (with eyes at half mast): “this sucks.” I giggle. But carry on (of course).

Less than ten minutes after the alarm clock woke us, we’re out the door. It’s semi-dark but brisk and cool. Utterly perfect running weather. Birds were chirping up a storm and man was I a happy camper.

God, I’ve missed this, I thought.

Immediately my mind started to wander. Thinking back to last summer and early-fall during countless early morning, and typically steamy hot #teamsutera rundates leading up to the marathon. I didn’t think so much about the miles (at least not in terms of missing those long distances or anything), but I thought about those miles in terms of how much I missed those shared miles. Those quiet, sometimes chatty, sometimes silent, rundates.

This is what running is all about for me.

Mind wandering. Body working. Shared silent moments with the hubs. And quiet moments with myself, my own thoughts. Letting go of various frustrations from the previous day, thinking about the day ahead, the week ahead, the month ahead, daydreaming, or thinking of nothing at all. Just being.

…and this morning? The added layer of #rundate fun? The fact that my husband kicked my ass on this run. Totally pushed our pace in a way that I hadn’t personally pushed in awhile. I needed that work. So, so much.

I also needed to remember why I run — and this morning’s dark thirty rundate was just the reminder I needed. I run because I can, because it makes me feel so alive, because of that forever love of shared moments and miles with the hubs.

#teamsutera4lyf ❤


26 thoughts on “A dark thirty rundate

    • HA I love your 4am productivity!! My husband read this comment and was like wow, that’s pretty crazy — but me? I was jealous of your early am productivity hehe. Type-A much?? -)

  1. I need to get Jason to start running outside with me. He’s been running 3 miles at a time on the treadmill, which is great, but it’s not the same as a nice outdoor run. 4:30 though? I couldn’t do it!!

  2. I honestly take for granted how often I can run with M by my side and how easily he just falls into step with me. And when I got up this morning and we ran together, I thought of that, and of you two, being able to run together more infrequently until the summer, and it made me enjoy every step that much more. Inspiring part of my next blog post I think 🙂

    • Aw totally sis — I am so happy you have that opportunity together and cannot wait to have more of that time with Scott this summer once he’s out of school for the season. I LOVE running with him. Though a good ‘ol sissy rundate is equally fab too 🙂

  3. You gave me goosebumps. And a little teary eyed. I now get up at dark thirty for the lil man:) You get out of bed for yourself first, and then all of us that can’t second. Sherpa you!

  4. LOL – I swear we married the same husbands. Jason does the same thing. Mumbles and groans about getting up so early. Declaring me utterly insane (probably some truth there though). And as for the alarm? HATE. HATE. HATE.

  5. You guys are so adorable together- and it is so awesome that you can share this. Seriously- what is better than running beside the one you love in the cool spring air? Lately our runs have been later in the afternoon, as the sun sets. ADORE that feeling!

    Also love the “roll over and cuddle” trick. Greg does this too me often and sadly, I often give in hehe. 😛

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