#FitFriday: ‘smabs

Yayyyyy it’s Friiiiiiday!!!!!
Raise your hand if you are as happy as I am about that! <<raises hand high high high pickmepickmepickmeeeeee>>

I thought I’d kick-off Friday with another “#FitFriday” edition for ya. The last “#FitFriday” was all about accountability, fitdates-for-one and fit communities. And because it’s been on my mind a lot as we head into spring and summer, today’s #FitFriday is all about ‘smabs.

What are ‘smabs, you ask?
Those would be ‘some abs’ or ‘smabs for short. As in: “I really need to do ‘smabs but I don’t feel like it, don’t have time, don’t like doing them, <insert your excuse or complaint here>”

I used to totallllly fall in the anti-‘smabs camp. Meaning — I wanted a stronger, more toned core but I had a  very hard time both connecting with my core and committing to building core work into my workout regime. BUT — ever since becoming such a huge barre n9ne advocate and instructor, ‘smabs are like my favorite area to work, well in a close tie with glutes, shoulders, quads…you get the picture. hehe 😉 In all seriousness though, a strong core comes into play no matter what workout you’re doing, or body part you’re working. Your core is connected to everything, truly. <–this is one thing I never really *got* until I figured out how to connect with my core and started to really gain strength and stability there

So when the May ‘plank-a-day’ challenge came out and started circulating around, I totally jumped at the chance.


I mean, who *doesn’t* want to be able to hold a 5 minute plank by the end of the month, rigtht?? Which puts us right smack dab at the end of May and the unofficial start to summer up in these parts. #bringiton

Soooo in true #teamsutera fashion, I’ve totally recruited Scott to get in on the plank-a-day action and he’s been SO into it. Always reminding me that we ‘need to get our planks done’ before dinner (so we aren’t full and ready to yak mid-plank lol) *and* he added a twist to the challenge: in addition to holding the forearm plank for the allotted time per-day, he suggested we add side plank to the mix. Who am I to turn down an added challenge, right?? So yeah, we’re a little over one week in and holding a forearm plank and then side planking on both sides for 60 secs at a whack.

photo (59)

(is he *not* the cutest ever in this pic?? <3)

I’m thinking in order to complete this challenge in one piece, we *may* need to start taking breaks before launching into side planks once we hit that 5-minute mark. A 15-minute plank series would be pretty unreal (but I kinda like the thought of it, hmmm!). 😉

And now, with this plank-a-day challenge constantly in the back of my mind, I’ve been working even more plank work into my classes at barre n9ne (at least for the classes whose structure allows for plankage!); it’s been especially fun to throw plank variations into arms & abs class (or arms & ‘smabs, hehe)— one of my new favorite classes to teach at the studio (but then, I also love teaching Toned, Firm, Fit & Ready, I love our signature barre n9ne method class….ohh do I have to pick just one?? #b9lovah).

So there ya go — my #FitFriday thoughts for the day, all about ‘smabs. Are you a love-to-hater when it comes to ‘smabs or do you hate-to-hate them? AND, are you doing this plank-a-day challenge too, or planning to get in on the action now that I mention it?? Please say yes. 😉

24 thoughts on “#FitFriday: ‘smabs

  1. This Pilates instructor LOVES ‘smabs! And being 30 weeks pregnant definitely doesn’t stop me from planking. (Though I have to admit I’m *starting* to feel the extra lbs. when I side plank..!) You guys are such cute “plankers!”

    • Awww congrats on your pregnancy! I’m clearly very behind here! I love that you’re still able to do them as an instructor and a pregnant one at that! Rock on!!

  2. I totally ignore abs most of the time. Then I’ll get a random itch and do like 100 crunches or some planks. I need to get that itch more often.

    • haha that’s funny! I totally used to do the same – jump on the ‘smabs thing for a coupla weeks and then lose interest. This plank-a-day has been an awesome motivator (and it’s quick!)

  3. Yeah core strength!!!! And do you happen to know if the regular plank versus side plank work different areas? And lastly, Happy Friday to #teamsutera !!!

    • Yessss to a strong core!!

      And yup — regular plank (forearm style) works your abdominals and side plank gets into your oblique area a lot more (aka love handles or muffin top area!). Straight-arm planks also work core but are more of a total body move than just core. plank it UP!!

      Happy Friday to YOU!

  4. I love this sis, and since I missed one plank-a-day this week, I must do a 3 min plank…or maybe just two 1.5 min planks, plus some side planks. Remind me later today mmk?! I too have been tossing extra planks into class, I mean why not right?! 😉

    • I’m actually loving this little challenge a lot more than I thought I would, who knew?? It’s been fun to do with Scott, he’s getting all into it now, so cute 🙂

  5. I saw this on Facebook too and tried to recruit Darren. No luck, but I’ve been at it. Next week it gets REAL. I’m scurred. Happy Friday!

    • Yes, you could totally use that approach to work your way up — just start slow and work your way up, you’d be surprised at how strong you get pretty quickly with diligence!

  6. I used to be a regular planker but haven’t done them in forever, other than at yoga =/ Safe to say I suck at all of this cross training stuff…when I focus on one thing something else “suffers”. Ugh.

  7. Just showed Carlo the photos to see if he maybe wanted to try it (he hasn’t been exercising in quite some time), but he saw the look on Scott’s face and flatly declined!! Damn!!! That’s ok, we’ll be starting up with hiking soon enough!!! I had not heard about this challenge until your post. I’ve printed it out and plan to start tomorrow. I’ll be a couple weeks behind, but that’s always been me anyway!! I like ab-work once I start to see results…which I totally HAVE since going to the Barre regularly over the past several weeks!!! Yippee!!!

  8. you guys seriously are too funny. 15 minutes?!? craziness! I have been somewhat doing this challenge- I keep forgetting! I think I may need an alarm for the rest of the month! Good luck!!

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