The fit truth.

Two years ago (yes, TWO years ago), I wrote a blog that covered my ‘fit truths’ at the time – many of those things I talked about still ring true today, of course – but my idea today of what a ‘fit truth’ is has changed pretty markedly.

To me, the concept of a ‘fit truth’ is akin to the age-old running question: Why I run?’ A question I’ve answered a few different times on this blog, and with different answers (I’m mysterious that way, apparently haha).

My definition of a fit truth is simple – a ‘fit truth’ is your fit mantra, your answer to ‘Why fit?’ – what drives you to focus on fitness, what the underlying reason is.

For some – fitness is pretty black and white. It’s to lose weight. To look better on the beach. To fight back against genetics that may have dealt you a difficult hand. It could also be a much more serious reason like training for a major fitness event (marathon, triathalon, fitness competition, crossfit games, and the list goes on).

All very good, valid fit truths.

For me, my ‘fit truth’ is a little bit less black and white than that. And it’s a whole heckuva lot less black and white than it used to be.

It’s not about losing weight. (it used to be)

It’s not about training for a race. (it used to be…up until verrrrrry recently)

It’s not about running faster or farther.

My fit truth – it’s about Health. Wellness. Vibrancy.
…and feeding my passion for movement, ability.

Ever since crossing the finish line at the Chicago Marathon last October, my fit truth has evolved significantly. Evolved towards simple vs. more complex, more rigid or structured.

Sure – I have a loose goal of 3-4 runs per week and fitting in just one class at the studio that I can take vs. teach. Some weeks it’s 2 runs. Some weeks it’s 4. Some weeks it’s no classes, other weeks it’s 1. Or very rarely, 2. The rest of my ‘fit time’ is spent teaching. I adore it.

I reach for running as my ‘me’ time (and ‘rundate’ time!) and my ‘sweat’ time. I reach for barre n9ne for my ‘strength’ and ‘shake’ time. (and let’s be honest, my ‘me’ and ‘sweat’ time fit in here, too).

Image (1)

Truth be told, I have never felt more healthy, active or strong as I do today. And I firmly believe that has a lot to do with shifting my focus, to simplifying. I also think that has a lot to do with finding comfort in my own skin and not railing against ‘me’ but learning to love myself, learning to be my own best friend. Granted, this last part has taken a good couple of years to discover, mind you, but recently its sort of all come together for me. Something that  bubbled to the surface for me the other day on a rare – but much-needed – solo run.

My fit truth, today.

<<Editor’s Note – For some reason, I’ve been having a really hard time finding the right words on this blog. So I apologize in advance if this post is as rambly as it feels like it is to me!>>

21 thoughts on “The fit truth.

  1. Not rambly at all! As you know I so often feel the same way about my posts but in reality those are the ones that people can identify with and surprisingly enjoy more. Weird, I know. Case in point: your post. I can 100% identify with every word you wrote. =)

    • Isn’t it funny how that happens?? The most rambly (in my head, anyway) posts can often be the ones that strike a chord most of all. I’m glad this wound up being the case on this one — and I LOVE that you can relate to my post in so many ways, I dig that!!

    • See? You said exactly what I wanted to say in my post but you said it so much more eloquently I swear, haha. That’s exactly it — I feel good when I’m fit, which is what makes me coming back for more. 🙂

  2. I love that your routine is less scheduled and rigid. I know that when you’re training for something huge it sort of has to be to an extent. But when it boils down to your fit lifestyle, you don’t want that to be rigid. That would be like making your life rigid.

    • That’s right — my life is not meant to be lived in a box, in a rigid set of rules that are never broken. I’ve been realizing more and more how much I THRIVE, fitness-wise especially, when my fit routine is less structured. It just gives me such joy.

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  4. I love this sis, and totally don’t think it’s rambly at all 😉 I think you and we have both found our happy medium of what ‘fit is’ and what we like and want to do each week towards that ‘fit happy place’ and it suits us. It’s less structured in some cases, but that’s ok, almost good, even, isn’t it? loose structure, do what you can and WHEN you WANT to. That’s the key.

    • Phew, I really thought it was the most rambly, roundabout post ever when I wrote it up originally. I’m glad it turned out not to be the case AND that it’s something you and others can relate to here. 🙂

      It is that total happy medium or ‘right’ balance that I’m just loving — it just gives me such energy and joy to do the things that I love when I want, how I want, and not for any other reason than because it feels good and makes me feel so alive and so ‘me.’

  5. Hi Jess! I found your lovely blog via Live, Love & Run and I am so glad I did! I have recently been trying to figure out what I want out of life and I can now say that I know what I want. Now I just have to go get it! This post was very inspiring to me and I will definitely be back for more 🙂 Thank you!

    • Aww I love Melissa, thank you for coming on by 🙂
      LOVE that this particular post ‘spoke’ to you — it was one of those posts that I kind of just wrote in the heat of the moment and wasn’t sure if it would make sense or resonate with ANYONE, so I’m glad that it wound up resonating, you know?

  6. Your posts always strike me because you always manage to say what I am feeling so eloquently! There is definitely a level of freedom when you realize that you are fit because it feels good and not to achieve a certain look, weight, etc. 🙂

    • Aww haha, I don’t feel nearly as eloquent half the time so thank you!!
      AND you’re so right, it’s freeing, that’s such a great way to put it — see, you’re eloquent too 😉

  7. Hi Jess,
    I was very inspired by this post that I had to figure out my own Fit Truths I would love it if you came and checked it out 🙂
    thank you for the push to get my health on the right track!

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