Another dark thirty rundate

God, I love running before the sun rises. 

Like, *really* love it. 
(especially when that run involves Scott, my most favorite running partner of all <3)

This morning’s dark thirty rundate was just what we both needed. Despite those “Pounded” legs of mine. The legs that left me hobbling around the studio yesterday trying like hell to avoid anything plie-related (which is very difficult to do if you’ve ever been t a barre class lol). 

My legs this morning didn’t fail me. They proved to me that despite some lingering soreness, despite how ‘worked’ they still felt even days after Pound training, these legs will always carry me. Always.

What I loved about this run? 

  • I worked for each step.
  • I chased the ‘rabbit’ like a fool — that ‘rabbit’ would be my husband who kept a good pace just ahead of me, knowing I’d try like hell to keep up.
  • The sun started to rise just about 15 minutes into our run. When did the sun start rising at 5am?? I *love* it.
  • I felt speedy, even surprising Scott during our final kick around the corner towards the home stretch and finishing just a few steps behind him (he thought he’d be left waiting on me for a good minute or two!)
  • I let my mind wander.

And where did my mind wander? To this woman. My Nonna. Who I spent a lot of time thinking about yesterday, the three year anniversary since her death. And the moment on our run that made me think of her? When Scott cracked a joke that I just *know* she would’ve giggled over. She loved his humor. She’d pat his cheek and laugh when he’d tell her stories (usually stories that involved making fun of me, hehe). 

We were running along, nearing the ocean along our route, smelling the salty air and listening to the birds chirp. We passed under a bunch of trees overhanging the sidewalk and were overcome by the sounds of birds chirping away in the branches above. There had to be at least 20 birds up there chirping away. Scott said, “it’s like running through a cocktail party!” And I giggled — all I could imagine was a bunch of birds with martini glasses and champagne flutes chit-chatting away in their cocktail dresses. (a totally normal thing for birds to do lol) Don’t ask me why but it struck me as funny and made me think of Nonna and how much she would’ve found it funny too.

Just a little moment that I’m glad I captured this morning. 

I’m also glad I captured this shot, post-run — I just love his face. That smile. It melts my heart. Every. Single. Time. #teamsutera

photo (63)

14 thoughts on “Another dark thirty rundate

  1. You two are such a beautiful couple together. Honestly- it is inspirational to see you guys always hitting the pavement together! I love it 🙂

  2. Love this sis. And LOVE the joke that Nonna would have totally laughed over. I love the symphony of birds chirping in the morning, it really is so eye opening and awakening isn’t it? I LOVE summer running!!

    • Wouldn’t she have loved that joke?? I can SO see her do the little pat-pat on Scott’s cheek, it was always such a comforting gesture, and loving, you know? I miss her :/

  3. Ah, such a beautiful time to run! I got The Boy into running, and now he runs ahead of me! Great pusher and pace-setter for sure… mostly during short speedy runs. For the longer runs, I pull ahead of him haha 🙂

  4. Love it. You totally make me want to get up early and run! Well, kind of 🙂 You and Scott are totally inspiring, you know that? Love how nature appears and makes you pay a little closer attention.

    • Haha, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it 😉
      Aww thank you for saying that about us, we just try to live a full and happy and loving life together, life is too fleeting otherwise, you know?

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