Please reset.

You know how sometimes you see the ‘please reset’ button on your hairdryer and have to go through the rigamarole of pushing that little button in at the *exact* right time and angle so when you plug it in, it actually resets and doesn’t just sit there lifeless on your bathroom counter?

Well that’s kind of how I feel right now — in need of a reset

I kind of feel like that hairdryer — sometimes it takes a few tries before the reset actually works. You know the drill — you think you pushed that button just right and plug it in and then: nothing. So you try again — and nothing. And after the third or fourth time, you finally figure it out and the ‘reset’ actually sticks. (this can be the most obnoxious process, am I right ladies??)

I was doing so well with ‘just being’ me. 

With learning to disconnect more to reconnect. 

With being present. #present2013

With letting go of perfection and striving for excellence. 

With seeking out silver linings vs. harping on the little things that frustrate you but are out of your control. 

But just like any habit, sometimes it’s hard to truly kick the habit without concerted effort and (for lack of a better word) practice.

So what’s my ‘please reset’ plan look like? It’s quite simple — it’s about getting back to basics. I’m going to use this long weekend to reconnect with friends and family, to let my mind go and just be, to stop stop stop vs. go go going, and to focus on excellence above all else…not perfection.

This is a toughie for me — I’m not great at admitting faults or weaknesses or flaws or imperfections and I’m *really* not too great at letting go of perfection and my Type-A-ness. I know, I know. I’m too hard on myself. I know this. BUT — I have gotten *so* much better at letting go more, I really have. I’ve just gotten out of the habit and it’s time to reign it in before the spiral happens (and we all know what that spiral looks like – ala ‘chill the eff out’ remember that?). 

So anyway — this post was really more for me to get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper. Sometimes blogging it out (and/or blabbing Scott’s ear off incessantly) is the only way to gain clarity. And clarity is exactly what I needed today.

Reset: let’s go. 

9 thoughts on “Please reset.

  1. This is the PERFECT time to reset, sis. I am glad you are reeling it in again and focusing on IMperfection and chilling the eff out. This weekend will be amazing ❤ (PS I LOLed at the hairdryer reference, sooo true!)

  2. Oh friend. I know I know. Remember, you can over-think the intention of relaxing and being present too. If that makes sense. I think it will to you. I so hope you can just enjoy this weekend. No worries, no over-thinking, just being. BTW – miss you!

  3. What a great write up of our training experience, Jess!! You basically summed up exactly how I felt throughout the day. At first I wasn’t sure how ‘badass’ I could be (I’m used to being a Latin Zumba queen; totally different! Lol). About two songs in I realized this workout was TOTALLY for me. I’m so excited to both teach and take everyone’s classes!! Woo hoo fellow Pound Pro 😀

  4. Love it Jess. Totally my kind of weekend & such a great way to refresh & look inwardly. I totally get you too – habits are super hard to break & this is something I’m working on as well. We can work on it together 🙂 Disconnecting, being present, living in the moment and just…being.

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  6. Proud of you for making this decision! Of course I’ll miss reading your posts, but the beauty is that I can always come back to visit your blog and of course our virtual friendship will live on. Cheers to being present, disconnecting in some ways, and reconnecting in many other ways. xo

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