No limits, new molds

By now you all have probably sensed that change is underfoot for me here. Or maybe you haven’t necessarily sensed it but it sure has been on my mind these past few weeks. (y’know, aside from marathon training…the only other thing that seems to be on my mind all.the.time lately haha)

Lately, I’ve been:
…drawing on my faith while making some difficult decisions, and facing some uncertain new territory.
breaking the mold, or trying to.
…and fully embracing the mantra I set out for myself at the start of the year: 

Have No Limits Today.”

Without going into too much detail, here’s what’s been going on up in the Sutera household:

  • The hubs — who I adore more than life itself — is unemployed again. After finally chasing his own dream, returning to his teaching roots last year and having the most amazing and fun time of it, too (all while the proudest wifey  watched him with such glee as he’d come home from work everyday with a sparkle in his eye…oh how I love that sparkle…). Long story short — times are tough in the teaching profession…hell, in most any profession these days. It’s ridiculously sad that unemployment rates seem to never change…truly sad.  So faithoh FAITH — is coming into play in a huge huge way over here. It’s so hard not to question the ‘why’ behind the path he and I are on right now, and to blindly trust that there is a reason for this temporary setback — but here we are: trusting, believing, dreaming, supporting. It’s what we do.

Source: via Jess on Pinterest

  • Meanwhile, I’m facing quite the opposite scenario as the hubs. I’ve been handed a pretty incredible (and totally out of the blue) job opportunity. Yes, *another* new job. Yes, I do realize it’s only been nine months since I started the last ‘new’ job. But you see, sometimes you have to live by your own rules, break the mold, and  yes, put yourself first chasing a job and a dream that fits you so, so well. So this new job? Yeah it starts on Monday, and I am thrilled about it. I’m following the path that He set forth for me…a path that I never saw coming. Ever, ever. But I’m embracing it, I’m letting my path fall before my very eyes…blindly trusting. Something fairly new for the Suteras to embrace, but we’re learning to do it better and better with time.

Source: via Jess on Pinterest

  • And this week, the height of marathon training for Scott and I — well, it’s quickly becoming a series of moments worth remembering, honoring, tucking away into the back of my mind. Scott and I have never been closer. I think it’s a combination of this crazy idea we had to run a marathon together coupled with the current circumstances we’re both facing — circumstances that test our faith; in eachother, in ourselves, in our paths. Something tells me we needed to be tested this way, to be reminded that faith is never something to let fall to the wayside but always something to continually work on. So this year of no limits, no boundaries and lots of ‘new’ for both of us is turning into the year where our faith was tested and strengthened in a special, beautiful, memorable way. Honestly, I’m honored that we’ve faced these tests — even if it’s scary to not know what’s around the bend for either of us — I’m learning to blindly trust and to truly harness my faith, our faith, together.

Travel notes

Un-routine be damned. I still got my workouts in this week, a big time travel week. Killer workouts, in fact.

…that hillier-than-hell rundate up Death Mountain for one.

…this yoga workout I haven’t done since before starting my barre n9ne journey (surprised me at how much better I was able to hold the various poses…felt damn strong afterwards.)

…a surprisingly sweatastic set of intervals on Wednesday *and* a sweaty (albeit fairly boring) session on the elliptical before my flight took off on Thursday to round out the week.

(post intervals – see? sweatastic!)

(post surprisingly good elliptical workout)

still haven’t tried a barre studio out here yet though. Must get on that next time around.

I struck an awesome balance, healthy eating-wise while traveling. So difficult to stick to that when so many of my meals are out of my control (i.e. not home cooked!). I’m really proud of how I managed that this week. 

…I discovered a ‘stand-in’ for my beloved irish oatmeal with sautéed apples, cinnamon and peanut butter (and I owe it all to Naomi – again – for cluing me in!). Jamba Juice apple cinnamon steel cut oatmeal – OMGGG tasted like apple pie on top of oatmeal yumminess!

…and after a really big, heavy (but delish salmon!) lunch on Wednesday (a team celebration lunch), I chose a really light dinner that night in my room (my one “free” night all week). A fresh fruit platter with cottage cheese on the side. It was perfect. JUST what I needed. And very different than how I might have planned or chosen my dinner a year or so ago. I’ve come a long way in this mindful / intuitive eating journey of mine. Note to self…

And I survived the flight out and back. Barely.

…it was long. And not altogether fun on the return flight – sitting on the tarmac for an hour after an hour-long delay in the airport and landing at midnight on Thursday. No bueno.

…but seeing this smiling face waiting for me at the terminal? (he was waiting there from 9:45-midnight! He didn’t track my flight so wasn’t aware just how delayed it was. Only he would still be smiling after all that!!). But it was worth every long hour spent on the plane. He gives the best hugs ever. >3

(this is from last summer — hands down my favorite pic of Scott, his smile is so beautiful here. And let’s be honest, he looks hot. tee hee <3)

Packing wise – I did ok this trip too. Packed just enough without feeling like I had 6 lbs’ worth of dumbells in my carry-on (oh wait…that’s because I *did* pack those on my last trip, didn’t I? <grin>)

…however, I wish I had a change of clothes for the flight home. Dress pants, open-toed heels (that I wore *all* week out here, owww) and a collared top aren’t exactly comfy airplane-wear. I would’ve killed for my lululemon groove pants (thought about wearing the dirty pair from my suitcase but upon smelling them, I thought better of it…), my I Heart Sweat tee and my flip flops. Ohhh flip flops. That would’ve been a killer score.

All told? I give myself a solid A on travel acumen. I’m pretty darn proud of myself for both embracing un-routine, while also keeping a semblance of routine in the mix of things too. A new routine maybe, but a routine, nonetheless.

…now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to face plant into my bowl of oatmeal. I think I’ve waited long enough for it. 😉

Remember that ‘un-routine’ thing?

When I closed one chapter on my life and opened another chapter (or chapter and a half, really) at the start of this year — switching from one job to another, while also pursuing my passion for all things barre n9ne — I started to wrap my head around the concept of un-routine.

…of allowing myself to embrace new routines, changes, etc.

…of learning to get out of my comfy little corner of the world and focus on the ‘new’ in my life.

…of pursuing discomfort in all that I do.

A big part of this new chapter in my life was getting used to a job where I’d be traveling pretty often, something that would most definitely push me out of my comfy little routine on a regular basis. The first two trips out to California for work were eye-opening and filled with lots of “new.” It was scary. It was uncomfortable. It was exactly what I needed.

Now that I’m in the throes of my third trip out to Cali for work, I’m finally getting the ‘hang’ of this thing. And y’know what? I kinda dig it out here. Don’t get me wrong — I totally miss my comfy little corner of the world (and my husband’s cute smiley face!)but what these trips have taught me is just how much I need un-routine from time-to-time.

I’m finding a new sense of independence that I sometimes allow to lay dormant when I’m in my cozy little routine. In fact, this trip I’ve even had my own rental car which is a whole new world to me! Kinda neat toolin’ around San Jose all on my own — for some reason, this felt huge to me this week. Also helps that I’ve been driving a bitchin’ set ‘o wheels- a Toyota Yaris. It’s HOT lemme tell ya. 😉

I’m really getting to know my coworkers better and better with time. Hell, I went on that hilliest-ever rundate with one of them just the other night! (I swear, I’m still riding a high from that run!)

I even embraced the treadmill yesterday morning, something I was totally dreading on this trip. I even told myself I’d avoid it entirely this week given these few weeks leading into marathon training, I’ve tried to make running less of a focus, allowing my body to recover and prep for all those miles coming up. But who knew? I ended up CRUSHING my interval session after I got past the dread part of things. I have never felt more badass after stepping off a treadmill in my life. For reals. Just check out that sweatastic smile!

And most of all? I’m truly embracing the whole concept of creating new routines while I’m out here which is actually helping me not to long for my routine at home *quite* as much as I used to. I’m finding ways to maintain my love of healthy eating out here. Continuing to bring my own breakfast and snack options, finding ways around some of the meal choices that aren’t in my control and ultimately just making good,  healthy choices while I’m out here. Again, don’t get me wrong — I miss my barre n9ne family. I miss my rundates with Scott. I miss my yummy homecooked meals. I miss all of that. But this trip? It’s shown me that I can thrive in un-routine if I’m open to it.

And I think that’s the key. Being open to un-routine. Truly open to it. That’s what this week has been all about for me.

(that and discovering Jamba Juice steel cut oats — Oh Em Gee. A ‘fill-in’ for my beloved bowl of oatmeal at home! A huge thanks to Naomi for telling me about them during our sushi date on Monday night! I nearly died from joy when I took my first bite on Wednesday before a meeting. I’m not kidding, I may have shed a tear. )

On my mind.

On my mind…

My next trip for work. Booked for mid-May. At first I was feeling anxious about heading back into un-routine mode, but now I’m kind of looking forward to the change of scenery. It also helps that I now have coworkers that love to be healthy and fit like me (score!). I already have a trail run and a healthy dinner planned for one night while I’m there. However, I *will* be seriously missing my barre workouts though — so here’s my call for entries: who wants to meet up with me for a barre class while I’m in Cali? (ahem Naomi??) <—don’t all raise your hands at once now 😉

A week, run-less. It’s happening. Probably the week after the half marathon. Or perhaps the week I’m in Cali for work. Though, I did just book a rundate while I’m out there. Fail. I guess the run-less week will happen the week prior then afterall! Note to self.

My Nonna. Her birthday is this week (today, actually). And the anniversary of her death is coming up this May. I’ve found my mind wandering to thoughts of her a lot more lately, particularly given the time of year. I had a dream about her the other night and woke up sensing her presence nearby. It was comforting. Everytime I see my little niece Isabel, my mind rushes to Nonna…she would melt in Isabel’s presence, I am sure of it.

One year of barre n9ne classes. Yep, today is also our one year barre-versary. The first day that my sis and I set foot in the studio for the very first time. Little did we know that just weeks later, we’d be embarking on the 60-day challenge and months and months later, our lives would be transformed in far bigger ways than either of us ever imagined. Stronger. Confidence blooming. And now, joyfully fulfilling our passion through teaching.
…one year later. Transformed.

Friends I adore. My friend from college (who is by far the funniest yet most loving and kind person I’ve ever met) just welcomed her first child into this world yesterday. I’m so happy for her and her husband – the two of them are going to be a riot as parents, I can’t wait! And another friend — a friend I met at work seven years ago and instantly connected with (one of those “I feel like I’ve known you since birth” connections) — has a birthday coming up. We’re celebrating the big 3-0 together this weekend. It’s going to be epic. I promised her that and I never reneg on a promise. 😉

Sisters like mine. Jen is thisclose to defending her PhD dissertation and then graduating with her PhD in May. She’s in the final throes of it — all while raising the most perfect like 17-month old I have ever seen. I am constantly amazed by her. And my other sis Jo is constantly giving me the perspective I look for, the encouragement I need and the inspiration to dig deeper, push harder, reach farther. She’s come a long, long way over the past few years and sometimes I think I forget to tell her that. So this is my reminder to both of them — I am proud to have sisters like you. xo

A husband who gets me. Truly gets me. Who’s gonna push me all 13.1 miles in just over a week. Who I cherish date nights in with more and more each week. Who I can’t wait to celebrate our 8 year (!) wedding anniversary with in June. And who I *really* can’t wait to get back to wine country with at the end of June. It’s long overdue. We’ve earned this one. No doubt.

On my mind.

Work. Workouts. Friends. Family. Loves.
…totally not in order of priority either. 😉

Packed / Not Packed


Not Packed:

Yup, you read that right – I did not pack my running sneakers for this trip out to Cali for work. I’m not planning to run at all while I’m there. No running? Me?? Who is this person??

This person is thisclose to teaching the first of two “demo” classes at barre n9ne in preparation for her barre n9ne certification.

Which means that every single second of every single day that I have a moment to spare? This girl will be practicing, prepping and counting her way to March 9th (class #1) and March 12th (class #2).


I figured if I even attempted to fit my sneakers into my suitcase along with those weights, resistance band and all of my cute outfit options for this trip out, I’d be very tempted to run in the morning before work versus using that 90 minutes or so before work to practice, b9-style.

And honestly? Even though traveling the week before my big debut at barre n9ne stresses me out a shitton wee bit, the fact that I’ve got 90 minutes every single morning this week to devote to barre n9ne practice in my room? HUGE opportunity. And I’m determined as all hell to make the best possible use of that time.

Because this girl? Yeah, she’s chasing that dream: of becoming not just any barre n9ne instructor, but one of the best there is. Because this is my dream. And I’m here to grab it, and when I do? I’m holding on tight and never letting go.

Wish me luck this week — it’s bound to be filled to the brim with long, long days and nights but I’m gonna do my best to embrace it like a pro, un-routine and all.

And don’t you worry – I have my healthy snacks packed and ready to go, just like last time around.


Let’s do this.


I’ve found myself using this hashtag often this week on twitter:

Because truly – I’ve had to #digdeep, really deep, throughout this week:
…to put my game face on each day, meeting TONS of new faces, and learning way too much (all at once) about the company I now work for, all jammed into two days of back-to-back meetings.
…to get my butt up each morning to the hotel gym to log some miles this week. Tuesday’s run was what I’d call a sad 6-miler. Wednesday’s run was a puketastic 6-miler. And tomorrow’s? I’m hoping it’s a happy 6 miles’ worth of recovery (intervals nearly killed me). It might not be perfect, but the miles are happening and that’s what I need right now. A small semblance of normalcy.
… stay strong when all I wanted to do was crumble and cry because I’ve been missing Scott, particularly after a trying week of frustrating news (perhaps more on this later…).
…to embrace un-routine, learning to navigate healthy eats amid lots of catered meals during the day and dinners out at night. *really* glad I packed so many healthy options in my carry-on – has come in VERY handy every single day. <pats self on back>
…to stay “me” in a brand new environment, way out of my comfort zone, far away from familiarity. But a “me” that’s open to change and taking risks. As you’ve seen me blogging a LOT about this week in particular. Apparently it’s been on my mind or something??

And by far? This #digdeep week has shown me that this was absolutely the right career move for me but more importantly, I’ve surprised myself by being as confident on the outside as I feel on the inside. I *can* do this. I *am* doing this. And it feels pretty damn awesome, not gonna lie.

#digdeep in all it’s glory, people.
Worth. It.

(Editor’s note: Here’s to hoping I remember this post tomorrow AM – since I drafted this post last night – when I’m up at 4:30 to log those miles before heading into the office early to get some work done before my flight home. But as my fab blog friend Heather mentioned in her very well-timed post last night – no excuses. Despite, a very long day ahead. And, yes, this is my mental note to self, thank you for indulging me…)

Traveling – the fit and healthy edition

I’m gonna go ahead and call this post the traveling – fit and healthy edition.

I basically spent all of Sunday morning prepping for my trip to Cali this week for my second week on the (new) job.

As you can see, I packed a TON of healthy food for this trip. I made my way to Whole Foods on Saturday to stock up (for some reason I had no idea how close the one nearest our house really is, two cities over but surprisingly quick trip…I’ll be back, OFTEN. I was in heaven wandering those aisles!). Some of the items I packed:

  • Larabars – *finally* found the blueberry muffin flavor and the coconut creme, plus my favorite: pb&J. These will come in handy on the plane or as an in-a-pinch breakfast in the office
  • Instant oatmeal – not nearly the same as homemade irish oats on the stove, but it’s better than no oatmeal at all while I’m away. I chose the weight control variety because it’s higher in protein and fiber so while I don’t love the added sugars in it, it’ll work in a situation like this.
  • Bananas and apples – snacks at work or in the AM as part of my breakfast
  • Barney butter 90-cal almond butter packets – to go on top of those bananas and apples (the 90-cal pack is genius btw, love it)
  • 1 oz portions of dry roasted almonds packed in neat little snack bags – to eat before I workout or mid-flight if I get hungry
  • Protein bars – again, an in-a-pinch meal substitute. Protein = filling. Something I’ll need, particularly given how out-of-whack I’ll feel due to the time change (which I’ve learned from my sis who battles it everytime she goes out west for her job)

Whew. That’s quit the list, huh?? But I kinda dig it. I feel prepared for this trip and know that even if I can’t control some of my meals entirely (dinner, especially), at least I have some semblance of control and balance as it relates to breakfast and snack options pre/post-workout and while in flight. This is how I’m creating balance while traveling, amid all that un-routine I’ll be facing.

How else will I be creating balance amid the chaos? By packing lots and lots of workout clothes! So much so that I ended up re-packing my work clothes twice. Choosing one pair of tall boots to go with the three dresses I’ll wear to the office each day. I just couldn’t fit another pair of shoes to wear with pants plus my sneakers and my workout gear. So I swapped the pants and extra shoes for a couple more dresses instead. Priorities, people!

Just for a taste of what that workout gear entails…

  • Running shorts – x3
  • Running tanks – x3
  • Sports bras – x5
  • Socks – x5
  • Sneakers – x1 (and already packed for fear of forgetting them after my pre-flight run)
  • Loose-fitting pants from my kickboxing days (that’s another hint for those of you wondering what this “out of my comfort zone” workout I’ll be trying later tonight! and no – it’s not a kickboxing class).
  • Core Fusion DVDs – x2 (yoga energy flow and power sculpt – it’s not barre n9ne but it’s better than absolutely no core and strength work while I’m away this week!)

As you can see, I had very little room for other essentials. Y’know, like stuff to wear to the office and out to dinner at night. Like I said, I had to choose my battles packing-wise. And what can I say? The workout gear won, hands-down. 😉

So anyway, I’m en route to Cali today and feeling ready. Anxious, sure. But I’m also excited. To continue testing the waters in my new job and to see how well I handle un-routine this week. At least I know I’ll be traveling fit and healthy this week, something that makes this girl very happy. Plus, I know I’ll have a smiling husband ready to give me the biggest welcome home hug ever when I land on Thursday night. 🙂

Cheers friends – let’s rock this week, shall we??

How to make a lasting first impression

How to make a lasting first impression – on your first day at your fancy schmancy new gig:

  • Beat your boss to the office on the first day. Awesome.
  • Settle right in with the marketing team, *almost* without skipping a beat. Awesome.
  • Get into a card accident en route to dinner with your boss that night. Not. Awesome.


Let’s just say that wasn’t the “big bang” I was aiming for on my first day — but it sure *did* leave a lasting first impression, I’ll say that.

Thankfully, I was not injured – nor was the woman that I rear-ended (cringe). And now that two days has passed, I’m pleased that I haven’t had any neck or back pain, despite the 40+ mph I was going when I smashed into the car in front of me. And sure, my car is probably totaled (UGH – will know for sure on Thursday when they appraise it), what’s more important to me is that I’m alive, uninjured – and aside from freaking the sh*t out of my husband and sisters (and boss!) that night – life will go on.

And, it’s made for quite the icebreaker in conversations with new colleagues. 😉

Aside from that, though – what this week (so far) has taught me? I needed this.
…the un-routine (that I’m already experiencing).
…the uncomfortable moments where it’s up to me to “fake it until I make it.”
…tThe “new beginnings” that this year promises to offer me at every turn of the corner.

I know that next week when I travel to Cali to meet the rest of my coworkers will be another challenge in and of itself. But I’m feeling so ready for it. Even if that means getting creative with my workouts (and maybe trying something new, workout-wise, while I’m out there – more on that later!). Finding a way to maintain my semblance of balance food-wise, especially with lots of after work socializing happening. And yes, even if that means being away from Scott for four days. I can do this. We can do this.

Because hell, if I can get through my first week, car accident and all, and still be smiling? Next week ain’t got nothing on me. 😉


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off to find a semblance of routine with my long-awaited return to barre n9ne for my favorite double of the week tonight, followed by a killer sweatfest tomorrow morning, run-style. (Oh how I heart sweat!)

OH – and before I forget – can I just say how incredibly AMAZED I am by all of your awesome comments on my post yesterday?? I promise to respond to each of them as soon as I can. You guys are awesome!!

Embracing un-routine

With just days left before I close one door and open another, career-wise, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of change….particularly when it comes to routine, something I gravitate towards, crave, even.

With my new job will come some work travel, not a ton, but enough that it’ll get me out of my comfort zone a bit, and well, WAY out of my routine.

My normal response to lack of routine is to get anxious and annoyed that my nice little happy routine is flying out the door. But instead of going that route – and in the name of my no limits mantra for 2012 – I’m going to embrace un-routine.

…which is a huge about-face for me – a self-professed Type-A die hard and someone who loves structure and schedules and plans.

So what’s a girl to do when faced with un-routine? 

Well, you guessed it: I’m going to create an un-routine that will become my go-to when I’m traveling for work. So I’m kind of *still* being my usual Type A/plan-y self, but I’m doing it in a new place, with very few familiar faces, and no boundaries.

What I’m digging about this new job is that it’ll force me to go into uncomfortable situations and just go for it, as fearlessly as I can. So to me that means trying new things, avoiding reverting back to comfortable habits and meeting new people.

And, here are a few ways I plan to do just that, un-routine style:

Stick to my running ways, but in a different format – Maybe I’ll use the gym at the office in CA after I’m done with work for the day vs. hiding out at the gym at my hotel. Might be a great way to interact with my new co-workers in more casual environment, and it’ll give me a chance to try out what I hear are some pretty swank gym digs at that office! Plus, this coming year will be huge for me in terms of keeping up my run-durance, even when traveling. I’ll be in half marathon, and soon, marathon training mode and can’t let work travel interfere with that…at least as much as I can avoid it. So that may mean more treadmill running than I’d like, and maybe even exploring some running routes in a foreign (to me) city…which scares the pants off me…but, again – this is me embracing un-routine, right?

Explore the studios in the area – Sure, I can feed my barre obsession with Core Fusion DVDs in my room, or self-made barre n9ne workouts, but they don’t compare at ALL to the in-studio experience, let’s be honest. But why not explore a few area studios to see what they’re about? There’s a Pure Barre and Dailey Method studio nearby the office – I’ve never tried either…but when in Rome, right? Plus, it’ll give me an excuse to make dates at the barre with blog friend Naomi (the one familiar face I know I’ll see a lot of when I visit the area!!) – bonus!!

Put my food logging ways to the test – This will be a tough one for me. Work travel invariably means far less control over your food – but it can still be in my control if I plan for it. For the plane rides to/from – I’ll be packing lots of healthy snack options (think: 1 oz baggies of almonds, apples with packets of single-serve PB, homemade trail mix, etc.). For the hotel,  I’ll hit the grocery store once I’m settled for lots of water, fruit, quick breakfast options (I’m not usually a fan of protein bars but in this situation,  it works), etc. It would be a dream come true if the hotel room had a fridge in it so I could buy yogurt and stuff, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. Lunch and dinner will be more difficult to plan for, but again, not impossible. The office café will no doubt have a salad bar where I can create a healthy and yummy lunch and I’ve already google mapped my hotel to see how far Whole Foods and/or Trader Joes is, as an option for lunch or dinner too. 😉 And I’ll be damned, there will be one night per trip where I’ll order a glass of wine for the room – or even be a rebel and drink a glass all alone at the hotel bar…that would be a huge step for me, so this one may take baby steps.

Of course – I will do my best not to be antisocial when traveling to the office in Cali – if co-workers want to go out to dinner while I’m there, I won’t turn down the offer. I want to get to know these people as much as I can especially since much of our interaction when I’m remote will be on the phone or via email. But, there’s also something to be said for a quiet night in my hotel room with my homemade dinner from Whole Foods, a glass of wine, and my laptop for blogging fun, right?

And yes, all of these un-routine tips, tricks and ideas largely stem from what my sis has learned and experienced while she’s been at this work travel thing in a much bigger way than me this past year. She has some awesome tips I know I’ll be referring to OFTEN in the next few months. I hope she doesn’t mind. 😉

But all in all? Despite the lack of routine that comes with travel, I’m oddly really excited for this change of pace (aside from the sad goodbyes with Scott at the airport…I can’t help it, I love him so!!). I know I need this stage of “discomfort” to grow and change and evolve. And, given that this is my year of no limits, I may as well put it to the test as often as possible, in as many scenarios as possible. So this is me, hanging on for dear life, for what will be a wild ride, but one that I am more than ready for, embracing un-routine and all.

New “things”

2012 – its finally here. Welcome!
New year, which only means one thing up in here:

No limits.
Leaping without looking.

In keeping with my mantra for the year, I thought I’d jot down a few new “things” happening for me this year (yes, new things happening already – just a half day into the new year…what? It’s how I roll 😉 )

New “things”:

I’ve moved! Well, my blog has moved – and it’s only taken me over two years to get it done. But it’s done. You can now find me here:

So please, kindly redirect your RSS readers to my new domain if you don’t mind 🙂 And, please do expect some fun changes coming to my little corner of the ‘net this year, I have big plans!

I quit. Yup, I have a new job, as I alluded to in my last post. I’ve found a job that will give me much better balance (something I’m craving in a big way) *and* will challenge me (something I’m also craving). I’m anticipating a lot of “out of my comfort zone” moments as this job will entail some travel (to Cali where the company is based) and a slightly different role than I have now. But, it’ll also give me a chance to regain a semblance of balance that I’ve been missing in the past year given that not-awesome 3+ hour commute everyday. Which means 3 hours back in my day four days a week (working from home) *and* a chance to push myself career-wise which I need. Win-win in my book. I’m equal parts anxious, equal parts excited-as-hell to get going (I start Jan 9)! And funny enough, I’m now back on a very parallel career path as my sis which is kind of neat – I’m sure she’ll be teaching me a LOT about balance while traveling, right sis??

I’m a leader. New Years Eve marked the start of something new that my sis and I are leading at barre n9ne. Some of you may have seen our tweets on our inaugural b9 rundate — a twice per month rundate we’re leading with fellow barre n9ne-rs just before the 8:30am class on Saturdays. We plan to do them each Saturday once the weather gets better, but figured twice a month this winter is a great starting point. And guess what? The b9 ladies were AWESOME and ran the 3-mile loop we created like champs. It was such a fun way to kick off the “last chance workout of 2011” in style, and has given Jo and I a chance to pay it forward, b9-style. Something we both really want to do, as much as we can in 2012 given how life-changing barre n9ne has been for both of us. So, you can expect much more excitement on the barre n9ne front in 2012, this is just the start. (weeeee!)

2012?  So far, you’re showing great promise – I’m mightily impressed. Let’s keep it up, shall we? Remember: no limits, no boundaries, lots of leaping. Let’s do this.

*****Editor’s Note: One more “new thing” to add to the list: I created a Facebook fan page for the blog (another “at last” thing scratched off my list!)! C’mon, you know you want to mosey on over to Facebook and “like” me, right?