“You showed up on your mat, it’s all good!” and other randoms…

“You showed up on your mat, it’s all good!”

Very true words, spoken by Elisabeth Halfpapp during my return to Core Fusion Yoga Energy Flow DVD this morning.

I really, really enjoyed yoga today. It was just what my sore, very sore, muscles needed after a pretty killer workout week, if I do say so myself. And it was exactly what I needed to center myself before a really busy Friday ahead, as we are thisclose to SXSW kick-off and all.

And quite honestly, it’s really *all* I could  muster after yesterday’s early morning Core Fusion class at Exhale Spa Battery Wharf followed by Group Kick last night at my gym. Um, probably wasn’t the smartest decisions I’ve made, of late. Even though I LOVED both classes, combining the two classes in one day took a LOT out of me. That coupled with a “weird” eating day and I definitely didn’t feel as well-fueled as I probably should have been given that workout line-up.

Duh. And I KNOW better than to do that, yet it still happened. Call that my “confessions of a fitblogger” thought for this Friday.

In other random thoughts, I was tagged by the wicked awesome Alison over at Physically Philosophical. I’m sure you’ve all seen this “7 randoms” list swirling around the blogosphere, but I thought it rather fitting for a Friday post!

1 – In a throwback to childhood, I”m discovered a very tasty (and all-natural!) turkey bologna at Trader Joe’s. Yes, I’m eating bologna. BUT, it’s all-natural and literally made from turkey, just spiced to taste more like bologna from childhood. Sorry, no Oscar Meyer “mystery meat” for me. Seriously, been eating it for lunch this week on Ezekial bread. It’s amazing! I feel like I’m 5 all over again!

2 – I’m secretly (ok, now it’s not a secret) really nervous for Fitbloggin’ in May. I don’t know why, but I am. I think I have this insane fear that nobody will talk to me or will like me “IRL” or something. I know, so silly. Wow, this “7 randoms” is slowly turning into a “7 confessions” post. Sheesh!

3 – I was a cashier at a grocery store in our area throughout middle school/high school and part of college. And I secretly loved being a cashier – and a fast one at that (I even won a “cashier of the year” award!). I remember being a child and always thinking how cool it would be to run a cash register. I used to play “store” or “office” on our couches with my sisters growing up and everything!

4 – I love to clean. Like REALLY love to clean. One of my sisters even teased me once for saying I didn’t want to “rush” the cleaning job one day for fear of “phoning it in” and doing a poor job of it. So yes, I don’t like to “phone in” a cleaning routine OR a workout. Can you blame me?? Ok, maybe you can on the cleaning thing anyway…

5 – I’ve never broken a bone, or stayed in the hospital overnight, or really had any “serious” health conditions growing up. (yes, I am very lucky) The closest I ever came was having surgery to fix a lazy eye when I was in high school.  And now that I’ve said that, I’ve probably totally jinxed myself. Eeep.

6 – When I left my last job, I hardly had anything to physically take with me. Especially not any files. I hate printing stuff out, at least to store long-term. I NEVER look at it once I print stuff so why let it gather dust in a file cabinet? Speaking of which, I never understood file cabinets, btw.

7 – I love to read. Yet I rarely if EVER read anytime of the year aside from summer. Then, I plow through books like it’s nobody’s business. In Maine by the lake, at the beach, on the deck. Notice a theme here?? Has to be outside in the sun. No idea why, but that’s just how it is. Sun + relaxation = book reading for me. Which reminds me, must stock on lots of books for Jamiaca. Which, if you’re wondering is, t-minus 15 days from now! <—if you have book recommendations, send them my way!

Ok, your turn. I want to hear your random thoughts/ruminations/weird facts! I won’t tag: you, forcing you to post on my behalf. But, just know that it’s actually a really fun Friday activity. Just sayin’.

Of running and race schedules…

For those of you that live in New England like me, you’ve probably been diggin’ the downright balmy temps this weekend. I was in my own personal heaven this weekend at the sheer thought of running outside on both Saturday *and* Sunday…and without freezing my butt off in the process.

Now, neither run was all that long (around 4 miles or so) but that didn’t matter to me. I didn’t care what my garmin said. I didn’t care how long it took me to get there.

I simply embraced the run. And it felt awesome.

Just letting my legs carry me along, realizing that those intervals this winter have totally helped and yup, and a stronger core (thank you Core Fusion!) that pushed me through?

Yeah, that’s pretty much why I run.

It’s mine. It makes me happy. It gives me confidence. It clears my mind. It centers me.

So – timing is good then, to have figured out my tentative race plans for this spring/summer/fall, right? Now – this is hopefully just the start of my race “schedule” for this year. I hope, anyway! The way I structured the plan is to start slowly and build up towards the higher mileage races. But we’ll see how it goes – like I said, I’m hoping to add to this schedule as we go along. <—what can I say? I’m eager!

Without further ado…the race schedule, 2011:

April 2: Hit The Street for Little Feet 5k Road Race in Manchester-by-the sea (this one is great, takes you right by the ocean, love!)

May 13: Backshore Road Race 5-miler (another one that takes you by the ocean, this one is in my hometown and takes us right past where we were married almost 7 years ago, love x2!)

May 19: Fitbloggin’ 5k, at Fitbloggin in Baltimore, surrounded by fellow #fitblog friends like you!

June 19: Rockport Fathers Day 5 and 10k (I’ll do the 10k – this will be my FIRST 10k race, actually. I went right from running 5ks and 5-milers to running half marathons…apparently that’s how I roll…)

September 24: The Wicked Half...I wasn’t sure I’d choose this half to conquer again, but it holds such a special place in my heart since it was my first half, that I really do want to go back and tackle it again.

But…there’s *another* half I’d love to do in the fall, but it sorta depends on if I can get myself there. We’re planning a return to wine country (hopefully) this fall but still need to figure out the timing. If we do, I’d love, love, LOVE to run the Healdsburg Half on October 29 –I mean really, WHAT could be better? Running a half, in my mecca (I swear, I should’ve been a Cali girl!), surrounded by the vines? Um yeah, sounds awesome. We shall see. ;-)

November 24: Wild Turkey Run 5-miler (this would be our fourth time running this race on Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite way to kick off the holiday…and it would be awesome to set a new PR like I did last year!)

So, that’s it. The race schedule…so far. I hope you dig it.  🙂

And speaking of running…a MAJOR congrats to my girl Heather for not just running her first half, but KILLING her first half with sub-two hour race day finish. I am SO proud of you girlfriend!! xoxo


…I’m stir crazy. I’ve decided I was not meant to live in the Northeast. I feel like the walls are closing in around me -being inside ALL THE TIME is just not natural. We should be like cavemen, scavenging for food (ok, maybe that one’s a stretch, I’m no good at scavenging), spending our days wandering the great outdoors, surrounded by fresh air.

…I’m dying for summer. I swear to you all right here and now. I will NOT take the spring and summer months for granted. Ever again. The sheer thought of going for a run in the early morning or late after work and it STILL being bright light out (and warm) seems like such a dream to me right now. Yet – in the spring and summer, it’s a given. And thus, easily taken for granted. No more. I hate this antsin-the-pants-I’m-a-spaz-can’t-concentrate-hate-this-cold-weather-just-want-to-run-outside feeling I got going on. Shoo, winter, shoo!

…I *think* I’m ready to give greek yogurt a try again. After my yogurt-ed-out experience a couple of months back, I thought I’d never get my yogurt grove back. But then, I saw on some of your blogs that Chobani had some new flavors out (lemon! black cherry!) and I just have to try them. I was all about Fage before but maybe a change in brand AND this hiatus from greek yogurt will do the trick. Yogurt – I’d like to be friends again. Truce?

…I need to figure out some race plans for spring. It’s time. Enough futzing around talking about how much I miss running outdoors and doing lots of intervals to speed up my pace (which was an awesome workout last night, btw), but it’s time to find some races to work towards. I’m craving it, to be honest. I’ll get back to you guys when I figure this one out. It will include at least one half marathon. That is for sure. Maybe the Wicked Half again, maybe a different race altogether. Maybe even more than one. Hmm.

…everything seriously happens for a reason. Remember how I decided against going to the Cathe Road Trip this year in favor of a “workout-n-wine” weekend with Heather and my sister? Well, everything *does* happen for a reason becauuuuuse I *still* get to see Cathe Friedrich this spring anyway! She’s going to be at Fitbloggin this year, taking us through a workout “challenge” on Friday and will be there for the entire conference! Seriously, I geeked out BIG time on twitter when I saw that. I mean how cool is that? Now I’m even more excited for Fitbloggin to finally get here! Tina – did you see that update, my fellow Cathlete and Fitbloggin friend??

…Happy bloggy birthday to fantastic blog friend Lindsay who I seriously cannot wait to meet while I’m in Austin for a trade show in a coupla weeks. SERIOUSLY excited about this. Weee!

…and ps. I’m reallllly looking forward to getting to Exhale Spa at Battery Wharf next week for some live Core Fusion classes.<stay tuned for my planned “schedule” for next week’s CF fun btw> I just wish I got to go THIS week when Fred DeVito was going to be there teaching at the new location! I tweeted to him that he should come back next week. Think he’ll take me up on that offer?

Off to Group Kick, hope you enjoyed my random musings. I kinda did 🙂

Spontaneous…with a lower-case “s”

Ok, so by now you all know that ‘spontaneous’ is typically *not* my middle name.

But in the spirit of learning to be Type A- vs. Type A+ (hello new years’ resolutions!), I am finding that a little spontaneity in life isn’t such a bad thing.

Exhibit A: Impromptu double date plans with one of my favorite couples around.

Yes, normally my Friday night consists of yoga pants, naan pizza and a glass of wine. I’m so spent by the end of the week that that’s usually all I can muster.

Well, the hubs made sure that was not the case this Friday night. He and one of our best friends (we’ll call him “S”) orchestrated a dinner and a movie night for us. (yes, two MEN made plans for us, imagine?!).

We ended up having a BLAST!  This despite the two husbands teasing us wives (who are normally very scheduled, very organized, very PLANNED) for being able to roll with the punches and doing something so impromptu and so well, very unlike the two of us.  And that was probably the best part. Well…that and the fact that the theater they chose lets you eat your dinner WHILE you watch the movie. I’m sorry but that’s just too cool. 😉

Exhibit B: Fitbloggin’

This one was a little bit less spontaneous (just ask Heather who I had to consult first because for some reason I couldn’t just commit right off the bat…some things never change!).

Long story short on this one?


I am SO SO SO excited! One of my bloggy besties Alicia (Poise In Parma, check her out if you haven’t, she rocks) was trying to find a ‘home’ for one of her Fitbloggin’ roomies tickets who sadly could no longer go to the conference.  And after some thinking it through, asking work for the time off, etc. I decided WHY THE HELL NOT?!?!

I’ll be surrounded by a fantastic group of Fitbloggin’ fiends just like me and I can’t even imagine how cool that will be! I cannot wait to pore over the agenda and the attendee list to see who else is going to be there (I already know Tina will be there which is just SO cool…can’t wait to meet you, girl!). I also can’t wait to meet my other “roomies” for the weekend – Heather from Mile 26 and More and Beth from Dining and Dishing. Ladies – I promise not to letcha down, we’re going to have a great time!!

So yes, ladies and gents, I am finally learning that spontaneity can be a good thing. Even when it’s quasi-spontaneity as explained in Exhibit B. 😉