From the #foodlovah diaries

Soooo as mentioned previously — I am a die-hard #foodlovah.

I love food. Good food. Whole, real, nourishing — and most definitely — yummy food.
…because guess what? #healthytastesgood (too)

Yes, I’m a fan of committing to the cookie now and then (but it has to be of the whole/real food variety, no preservatives allowed).


But I’m also a fan of foods that fuel, that nourish, that energize. (see? told you die-hard #foodlovah, I could ramble on for hours about this topic!) And today, on a gorgeous and quiet Sunday morning with the hubs, it’s been a productive one at the Sutera Manor.

You see, the hubs has some work to do to get ready for his week at school with 22 9-year old students waiting for him to fill their heads with lots of knowledge. And I am playing the part of foodie ‘sherpa’ today (borrowing Lindsay’s title which I love so much!) — prepping for a busy week ahead.

For starters — I’ve been looking for new breakfast and/or lunch options that are both portable and healthy. I usually bring a wrap with turkey, tuna or egg salad plus fruit or veggies on the side for lunch. But it’s time to switch that up. And after seeing Lindsays cottage cheese egg cups up on her blog recently, I knew this could be the key to something new and fun for breakfast/lunch mid-week.


My version has sauteed shitake mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes plus the eggs and cottage cheese, a sprinkle of cayenne and bouquet garni stirred in for added flavor (oh and a touch of sriracha!). I can’t *wait* to try these tomorrow for lunch along with a toasted english muffin and peanut butter (of course). I shall report back, dutifully, of course. 😉

Next up — roasted veggies. Which will most definitely make their way onto the giant salads the hubs and I have been eating OFTEN for dinner during the week (and on weekends, too!). There is just nothing better than freshly roasted veggies warmed on top of a bed of mixed greens, plus goat cheese or a few ounces of grilled chicken or steak tips. Deeeelish.

brussel sprouts roasted with salt and pepper


Kabocha squash roasted with salt and pepper (the skin on this one was particularly easy to slice through, probably one of the best kabocha squashes I’ve ever had!)


And finally, fresh-cut watemelon (not the best of the season so far, but still pretty tasty to this #watermelonhoarder hehe). And our lunch bags ready to go for tomorrow — mine will include a banana and an energy bar (not ideal but on three-fer Monday, I don’t have much time for a proper oatmeal breakfast, sadly. I’m usually scrambling into the office, playing a bit of catch-up so the banana typically is devoured in the car and the energy bar is devoured at my desk before my first meeting of the day) plus the egg cups and english muffin and a vanila chobani  with fresh blackberries. Scott’s version will also have a banana and his favorite energy bar, plus a strawberry vanilla protein shake that he’ll take with him on his ride into school, and grilled chicken for lunch plus a lemon chobani and some chocolate pudding (the hubs is a true kid at heart, love him!) for a snack.


All told, after all this food prep I’m feeling very settled going into another busy work week but also pretty excited for some yummy, healthy and fun eats. I.Love.Food. 🙂

Foodie Friday — I’m a total #foodlovah

Sooooo yeah. Foodie Friday started out as a great regular blog series for me. …but in order to have a ‘series’ you kinda hafta keep up with it, huh? :/

I’m gonna go ahead and admit that for awhile there I was feeling pretty uninspired on the food front, eating a *lot* of the same things on repeat. And in some ways, that’s a very good thing (um hi, oatmeal, I promise I will never betray you). But in other ways, a change-up was long overdue.

And after this little change-up time period of mine, I’ve discovered something: I’m a *total* #foodlovah. Like, holy crap do I love food. A lot. I could talk about it for hours. Legit. Just ask my friends, they’ll tell you. Hell, you already know this if you follow me on instagram — my pictures are at *least* 50% food related (and that’s a generous underestimate, I fully realize).

Anyway, I thought it was time to bring back Foodie Friday, if nothing more than to share with you some of the new foodie finds I’ve discovered a total love affair with. And maybe it’ll inspire you to instill a foodie change-up of your own! Because guess what? #healthytastesgood 🙂


Kabocha — where, oh WHERE, have you been all my life? I mean really, these girls are forever talking about kabocha. And then my sis joined the kabocha train and I was quick to snag a seat beside her on the train. It’s amazing. Has such a fun sweet potato/squash texture that I just adore — and the calorie bang for your buck it provides (35 cals per cup)? I’ll take it!

Lately, kabocha has been my faaaavorite topping on salads. It’s been in heavy rotation on work-from-home-Friday. This past Friday I roasted up some brussel sprouts to go along with the kabocha and tossed it on top of arugula and goat cheese (another obsession of mine lately…especially when it melts into the salad thanks to the warmth from the roasted veggies! I die…).


Spaghetti squash pad thai –– hoooooly yum. I made this last night during a much-needed ‘me night’ while Scott was off at a work event. I have been wanting to try my hand at it forevverrrrr (especially after one of the girls at the studio, a newly-trained barre n9ne instructor – yay, has been talking it up!) and finally had my chance. I started with this recipe and basically just modified it to my liking. I’m no chef and I’m definitely not a food blogger, but damn, I even impressed myself!

Some of the modifications I made to the recipe…
I used shrimp instead of chicken
I used PB2 instead of peanut butter
I used sriracha as my hot sauce
I added a titch of lime juice for flavor
And to thicken the sauce, I added a tablespoon of plain greek yogurt instead of corn starch (since I used PB2 vs. regular peanut butter the sauce started out being watery)
I then tossed in top of stir fried snap peas, mushrooms, carrots and spagetti squash. Added some pea shoots and a tablespoon of chopped peanuts on top and voila. Heaven. Pure bliss.


Bananas and oatmeal — two of my favorite breakfast foods. But mash them up and call them a cookie? I’m all yours, baby. Two-ingredient cookies – yessssssss.

My version:


The only addition I made was a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips. My batch came out to 8 small cookies for about 50 calories a pop. They taste like banana bread bites and are great for a little sweet tooth fix OR as a pre-workout bite if you’re feeling a little hungry but don’t want too much in your belly. I LOVE these little guys.

And finally — that baked oatmeal I was raving about in my post yesterday. What I love most about this? How GREAT it tasted warmed-up at work. I usually cook my oats on the stove the night before and reheat them at work. It works fine and gives me my oatmeal fix but lately, it’s been bumming me out because it’s not *quite* the same as fresh-from-the-stovetop-oatmeal. So I went on the hunt for a good workaround.

And found this recipe on pinterest — pb&j oatmeal, yes please!

photo (32)

My modifications — I made half of the batch in the recipe (so two servings worth) and wound up using less peanut butter in the baked oatmeal than the recipe called for. (I also used less jam, I didn’t want it to be too sweet — oh, and I used fig butter, excellent choice…). You see, I wanted to ‘save’ some peanut butter to ‘frost’ on top of the baked oatmeal after reheating it at work. And man was that a good decision!! All I needed to do to reheat these at work was add a splash of almond milk and it was just perfect. I usually eat a banana in the oatmeal but in this case, I ate the banana on the side instead. Nice little change-up if you ask me.

So yeah — I told you I could go on, and on, and on, and ON about food didn’t I? This wound up being one of my longest posts in awhile, sorry about that. Well, sorry-not-sorry. Blame the #foodlovah in me. 😉