Racing fun

I run for me — racing is just a fun little side effect of running. 😉

And I always race with my best friend, biggest motivator and cutest husband on the planet by my side. He’s the best ‘rabbit’ around. ❤


Bank of America Chicago Marathon: 4:54:50 – October 7, 2012 <in moments, snippets and pictures>
#teamsutera FTW!

Cox Rhode Race Providence Half Marathon: 2:03:10 — PR!
Green Strides half marathon:
YuKanRun half marathon
: 2:13:55  <in pictures>
Wicked Half: 2:26:31

Wild Turkey Run 2011 (5 miler): 46:18 (a PR!)
Wild Turkey Run 2010 (5 miler): 51:28
Wild Turkey Run 2009 (5 miler): 51:45

12 thoughts on “Racing fun

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