Can we do lunch?

Before I dive into today’s post, I just have to say how totally blown away I was by all of your wonderful comments on my “honesty” post. I continue to be amazed by the blogging community – especially that ya’ll are so much more like me than I realized. Not gonna lie – I’m relieved. That I can continue to be “me” without feeling like a fraud or something crazy like that.  So thank you. So much. Ya’ll rock!


Now that I’ve buttered you all up (heh), I need a favor. A request really. 

Can we do lunch? 

By that I mean – can you please share some of your favorite (portable) lunch ideas with me?? I know I’m only into day four of food loggin’ it but I already know that I need to add more variety so I don’t get bored. Honestly – I knew this well before starting the food log, but now that I’m more aware of my eats, I’m not seeing enough variety. And no variety = boredom. And boredom = mindless eating.

Here are some examples of the kinds of lunches I tend to eat (especially during the week- weekends are easier to add variety since I’m home):

  • Turkey wrap with fresh veggies and a side of baby carrots and hummus
  • Veggie burger on a bagel thin with either a side salad or baby carrots and hummus (see? sensing a variety-less theme here!)
  • Salad with “stuff” thrown in (leftover quinoa or cousous or brown rice from the night before plus lots of veggies – hey at least that counts as “variety” right?)
  • Egg salad on a bagel thin – again with baby carrots and hummus
  • Turkey bologna (yes, I love this – from Trader Joe’s!) on Ezekiel bread with – yup, more carrots/hummus
  • Turkey burger (plain – no bun) with a sweet potato (I did this a lot in the winter, was a good comforting lunch, doesn’t necessarily appeal to me so much now that it’s spring)
  • Leftovers from the night before – this is rare, I’m not a huge ‘leftovers’ fan in general

So, as you can see, I’m bored. Bored, bored, bored! Even just typing this up made me realize how ridiculously variety-less my lunchtime eats are these days.  Geesh.

So please, pretty please – send me your best lunchtime eats!  I promise to return the favor in some shape or form. 🙂 


In other news, tonight is the official START of the 60-day Barre N9NE challenge – woohoo!!

The plan for day one? As follows:

5:30pm long & lean legs
6:30pm meeting with Tanya (owner of the studio) to take measurements, get weighed (using the “Tina” method, mind you!) and taking our “before” pics <—more on this aspect of the challenge in a future post
7:30pm Barre N9nE Method express class (45 mins vs. 1 hr)

I’ll report back tomorrow, I promise!

In the meantime:

Bring. It. On!!