TRX – uh yeah, that was pretty awesome

Sooo one of the workouts I’ve been dying to try but never had the time in my workout routine?


For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s suspension training which basically forces you to rely heavily on your core to keep you stable and uses your own body weight combined with the TRX straps to give what turned out to a ridic workout.

Ridic as in pretty awesome.

My husband and I went to our favorite instructor’s class tonight. She’s been dying to get us there – everytime we see her at Ride, she’s always prodding us to try TRX. I guess she knew we’d love it, huh? Because we sooo did.

I’m sitting here typing this and I swear I’m already feeling some major DOMS action. Across my entire body.Whoa. Tomorrow’s gonna sting a little. 😉

So the workout – here’s how it went down. Well first…lemme back up: here’s a pic to give you a visual…in case you have no idea what I mean by suspension training!!

<basically it’s two straps attached to the ceiling that you use for all sorts of funky workouts, really cool>

Started with a basic warm-up to get the blood flowing.

Quickly moved on to some serious squat action that took me by such surprise. I had no idea how painful squats could be with no weight other than your own body weight and the resistance from pulling those straps taught from the ceiling. Seriously – there were so many low-ends I thought my legs my give out. My husband was not happy…he hates working his legs so he was in a serious world of hurt already.

From there, we did some upper body work including back, triceps and biceps which was really neat. Probably my favorite part.  Again, totally surprised that you could work up SUCH a burn with two wimpy lookin’ straps hanging from a ceiling, who knew?!

After this we went back to lower body which included LOTS of lunges followed by a series of floor work that burned those glutes like WHOA. From there we did mountain climbers mixed with push-ups…this is where i thought I might not make it. Those push-ups were SO HARD to do with my legs in those straps. Whoa.

As if that wasn’t enough, we went back to upper body for a reallllly intense series of shoulder moves that worked every part of the shoulder…our instructor confessed she loves to work shoulders so she added a few extra goodies in there for us. Um, thanks?

We finished up with PLANKS which were deadly. No joke.

Through all of this, there was a continual focus on the core since you had to keep that core taught throughout. Your body was often in a “surfboard” position when doing the upper body work which meant some serious core conditioning action was underway throughout the workout. Awesome. Um yes, but not awesome? That I went into this class with a sore core to begin with thanks to Core Fusion! Man, glutton for punishment over here. 😉

So yeah – you could say I LOVED TRX!! I give it an A++! Have any of you tried it?? If so, were you as surprised as I was at how intense it was for so little equipment??