Embracing simplicity.

Ever since we crossed that finish line in Chicago a few weeks ago, #teamsutera has been spending ample time thinking about how to simplify. It was a big focus of conversation in the Sutera Manor all weekend, in fact.

A couple of snippets from those conversations…:

On Friday night, instead of our usual dinner ‘date’ in, followed by snuggling on the couch catching up on DVR’d tv shows (we get wild and crazy on Friday nights, I tell ya lol), we chose a simpler route. We made dinner — the most ridiculously yummy steak tips salads ever — followed by hours of ‘rummy wars’ with pandora playing in the background. Yup, I got my butt kicked on almost every round, but it didn’t matter. We weren’t letting technology or anything else into our little cocoon on Friday night, it was just the two of us, sharing goofy conversation and playing some cards. Simply.

On Saturday, we made a real effort to not over-schedule or over-plan the morning. I taught a barre n9ne class (which was fabulous, I might add, hehe) and then we did something we rarely ever do. We went out to breakfast. A fun diner just opened near us and I’d been wanting to check it out. So that’s what we did. Breakfast together, me in my sweaty workout clothes and all — but again the details didn’t matter. It was delicious and fun and simple.

Later that day, I got antsy for some fresh air. I knew a run wasn’t smart — my knee is still a little bit cranky — but I wanted to get out and moving. So we went for a walk. In the beautiful sunshine-y fall air, we held hands and talked and talked. Unplanned, special and simple.

Our conversation during that walk covered all sorts of things. Running and racing plans for 2013 (we have some ideas, but not ready to share where #teamsutera is heading quite yet…). Daydreaming about fun trips we’d love to be able to take next year. And what we both envisioned for 2013 if we had the ability to look into the future.  My immediate response: “Can we please *not* change jobs at all next year?” After two job changes for me and the ups and downs of Scott’s job situation (following that dream continues to be the best decision he, and we, ever made…regardless of the ups and downs) — and we’re both very ready to feel more settled next year. A simple request, no?

And finally — we talked about how to avoid that jammed-up-weekends-for-months-on-end-when-can-we-fit-in-more-‘us-time-already? issue we’ve had the past few months. Don’t get me wrong — we’ve done lots of fun things in the past few months. It’s been awesome. I don’t take that for granted at all. But — it’s been a little bit too jammed, a little bit too planned, a little bit too chaotic. So we came up with a plan. I pulled out my iPhone (over impromptu drinks at a tavern nearby on Saturday afternoon, mind you!) and took a look at our ‘rummy wars’ tally on my notepad — we had a handful of wars that Scott ‘won’ but hadn’t cashed in on yet. So we started jotting down in my calendar when we’d be cashing in on Scott’s ‘winnings’. In case you’re curious, they include:

  • Dinner and a movie – Scott’s choice for both (for those of you who know me well, I’m so Type-A and like to be in charge of or at least share an opinion on where we go to dinner. And — actually GOING to a movie together? we haven’t done it in years. This should be a fun one to say the least. Scott is already plotting…)
  • Bowling and dinner/drinks at the sports bar across the street from the bowling alley near our house (I’m actually excited about this one…even though I definitely suck at bowling, Scott will be entertained by my skillz…and again, it gets me out of my comfort zone. Me — in a sports bar?? hehe)
  • A bar crawl for two — which involves spending the day checking out fun bars and restaurants in Salem which is a few towns over from us but has lots of great options. It’ll be a day-long event. Just the two of us. (this will most definitely lead to a hilarious blog post recap I’m sure)
  • A picnic in the living room – this one we’re saving for a rainy or snowy day. When we’re really missing the spring and summer where picnics were a regular occasion for us. ❤
  • An old school date night in: when we first started dating our favorite thing in the world was making homemade pizza, renting a movie and snuggling on the couch. While we’ve certainly had our fair share of pizza nights, it was mostly for training purposes (ha) and notsomuch ‘date night’ style. Another fun one we’re saving for a rainy day.

So what do these ‘war wins’ all have in common? They are simple. It involves just the two of us. Reconnecting in a way that requires lots of disconnecting from outside distractions. Something I know I need to continue to work on, big time. Presence and simplicity. The best gifts you could ever give a loved one. I’m convinced.

So this is me — and Scott and #teamsutera — embracing simplicity.
…and really looking forward to it.

25 thoughts on “Embracing simplicity.

  1. i want pictures of the bar hopping in salem day! hehe, you guys are too fun! and i love that you are releasing control of a few nights. That must make scott feel good. As he should.

    • I promise to take pics during our ‘bar crawl for two’ — I’m SO excited for that one!! We try to have a lot of fun together and this is one way to make sure we get enough ‘us’ time while having a little fun together too. SO SO needed.

      And YES — Scott is thrilled that I’m going with the flow and letting all of these rummy war ‘winnings’ steer us a little bit the next few weeks. He’s loving it. And that makes me smile 🙂

  2. We need to hit the reset button on our relationship every once in a while. And I hear ya on stability. That’s always my question-can we just know where we will be and what we are doing in six months-please?

  3. So, so true. Same here. A long walk through autumnly colored forests, a night out in a new cocktail bar or the cinema (“Skyfall” is what we see on Wednesday!!) – so simple and so desperately needed from time to time.
    And I fully agree to your thoughts on stability. After the hubby’s job loss and his new job, our move to a new town and making new friends, my new role at a new office I just don’t need any more “new” in my life. I want all this “new” become “old” instead. I wish you all the best for 2013. You two deserved it that much!

    • YES — we both need one GIANT exhale in life, don’t we? It’s insane how crazy it’s been if I sit back and add up all the ‘new’ that’s happened in life the past year. And very similar story for you two — and I’m totally wishing you both the best as this year winds down and 2013 peeks around the corner. You two totally deserve that too!!

  4. SOOOOOOOOO adorable, sounds like if anyone needs creative date ideas they should come to you, so so adorable.

    Also got a good laugh out of this post: “me in a sports bar,” buhahaha. Have a good Monday!

  5. Simply…. great post! Love the idea of dates and doing simple ‘unplugged’ things together… why we took up our saling lifestyle in the first place.

  6. Love this!! Exactly on the same page – shocker – again. Very same things M and I discussed last week in Mexico. Hitting the reset button, and just making life simpler while focusing on some goals. I love walks with M too, we always talk about such different, interesting things. I wanna come on the crawl! hehe, maybe for a drink along your way 😉

    • It’s eery how on the same page we are lately (more so than usual) and how a few of our other blog friends are on a similar page to with getting back to basics, simplicity, slowing down, etc. It’s SO refreshing isn’t it? I love long walks and talks with Scott too — we talk about all sorts of things. Makes me wonder why we don’t take more walks OR just have those long talks out of the blue anyway, something about the long walk that spurs the convo somehow?

      ps you can come to the bar crawl for two if you want, I think that would be allowed in the ‘rummy wars’ rule book 😉

  7. So are you doing the picnic today?? Sounds like the perfect time to cash that one in 😉 And I love that list. Some of my favorite Fri/Sat nights are just playing cards with the music on. Or playing pool and listening to music. Something really nice about turning off that darn tv!

    • We should’ve thought to do our picnic today! Perfect stormy day for it. But instead we’re cooking up some chicken soup and planning on a mean game of monopoly and a glass or two of wine later. I’m digging the no-TV thing a LOT lately…feels like such a waste of the precious time we DO have together you know? Why waste it staring at a screen for hours on end.

      In other news, Scott did pick out the spot we’ll go to dinner before movies on Wednesday night. I’ll have to report back on that one 😉

  8. I feel you on this on so many levels! This past year has been CRAY-ZAY! Ups, downs, heartaches, and joys…busy. oh. so. busy. One thing it has not been is simple. So I am going there with you. I have had a taste of this this past month and it’s like my soul is being restored. Literally. So cheers to that! And I love to hear about your date nights. Joe and I love to just sit on our back porch with a bottle of wine (or two;-) and talk. For hours. Those are my favorite moments with him. I can feel our roots growing deeper ya now what I mean? Great post lovely lady!

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