“Sticking your neck out for what you believe in…”

Listening to the radio this morning, one of the guests on the show I was tuned into mentioned something his grandfather told him on his deathbed. It had to do with giraffes and how he admired them as animals — not just for their grace and strength but for sticking their necks out even in the wilderness where they faced the threat of attack by far more vicious animals like lions or bears. To him, giraffes signified a mantra he tried to live by always: “stick your neck out for what you believe in.” 

And you know what? That guy was a very wise man.
…sticking your neck out for what you believe in is an incredibly powerful concept. At least it is to me.

Which got me thinking this morning…what do I believe in, anyway? 

I believe in the power of faith and blind trust in our paths, created by Him. Even if faith can be scary or hard to wrap my head around sometimes. I believe in it. Firmly.
(just this week I was reminded just how important faith can be, as some big time prayers were answered…more on this in a future post)

I believe in the beauty of marriage, of building a partnership, a best-friendship, a love story together. Playing “wifey’ to my husband is my favorite ‘job’ of all.  #teamsutera

I believe in the strength of the human body. How it just knows what to do if you let your mind go and trust your body to do whatever ‘work’ you’d like it to do.

I believe that sometimes all it takes is a good sweat to shake off a bad mood. Sweat is good. 

I believe that it’s ok to say ‘no,’ to put yourself or your needs first sometimes, and to not let guilt steal the joy of those quiet ‘me’ moments.

I believe in living a life as free from regret as possible. I may not be perfect at living this way, but I’m constantly working towards that ‘no regrets’ mindset.

I believe in fueling my body with delicious, whole, fresh ingredients, and not being afraid to say “I LOVE FOOD!” because good food (and let’s be honest, good wine…) brings me joy.

I believe that we all deserve to chase our dreams, big or small, for as long or far as that chase takes until we snag that dream.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Even the bad things in our days. We might not see that ‘reason’ for awhile but trust me, it’s there. And it’ll smack you in the face one day and then you’ll say “ohhh, no wonder. Now I see it.” <—-this happened this week too

I believe in myself.

Now. Belief is a beautiful thing and I hope you all have a list just as long (or longer) than mine. Share it here if you like. Mull it over this weekend. Blog about it if you wish. Or simply: just believe. Let that sense of belief wrap itself around you like a comforting cozy blanket on a chilly fall day. Find strength in your beliefs. And stick your neck out from time to time, it feels good.


<<Editor’s note: Happy weekend my friends! I hope you find one thing this weekend to believe in, big or small. I know who I’ll be believing in this weekend. One of my bestest blog friends ever: Heather. She’s running a half marathon tomorrow and I hope you’ll all cheer her on with me!! I’ll also be cheering for all you MCM-ers running the marathon on Sunday. Hurricane Sandy, steer clear please!!>>

21 thoughts on ““Sticking your neck out for what you believe in…”

  1. This is a wonderful contemplation, and one I am working very hard on right now. On some topics, I find it easy, and on others…I just don’t. My sister was always really good at advocating for things and people she believed in….and whenever I needed to take a stand, I looked to her for support (or to call customer service for me and throw a fit…cuz she liked doing stuff like that!). I’m trying to remind myself these days that my preferences are just as important as other people’s…and not just on the little things—on the bigger issues. It can be easy to think it doesn’t matter if we speak up or take a stand…but what if no one did!!!
    Thanks for the thoughtfulness once again my friend 🙂

    • I think this is a beautiful way you can honor your sister, actually — by channeling her ability to stick her neck out and embracing it today in your own life, through her. You know what I mean?

      (and VERY good question — what if no one did?? I wonder..)

  2. This is a fantastic post. It would take me a really long time to figure out what I believe in. Maybe it’s something I should think about, and put in writing like you did. Hmmmm…..
    And I know Heather is going to be amazing tomorrow! So excited for her!

    • I love it, Tina — you’re absolutely right: belief in Him is truly all you need in life because its in Him and through Him that our lives are shaped and protected and steered, right?

  3. Sticking your neck out is definitely easier said than done, but glad it seems like you have been able to do so! And love the Hepburn quote, have not heard that one :-). Have a nice wknd!

  4. I love this sis, so so true! All of it. I think our lives are progressing the way they are, the way they’re meant to, preceisely because we DO stick our necks out. It’s scary sometimes but worth it. XO

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