On willing it (13), visualizing it (13+)

This morning marked our first 13 miler…’un-raced.’
…as in the first time Scott and I ran 13(.1) miles and it wasn’t in a half marathon race day setting.

Kind of a cool milestone in my mind. So waking up at 5am to the birds chirping, the sun rising, and I felt calm and quasi-excited to run (I say ‘quasi’ because I was suuuuper sleepy when the alarm first went off). I kept thinking about how different running 13 miles today already felt in comparison to running it on a race day. No pre-race preparations…endless bathroom trips, pre-race breakfast, etc. None of that. Just up and at ’em and out the door we went around 5:15.

Rather than tell you allll about the run itself, I’m going to talk a little bit about what this run meant to me, mentally. A bit of a breakthrough happened today I do believe. I found myself, towards the end of the run, when my legs were really tired and wanted nothing more than to just.stop.moving. literally willing myself to keep going. Willing myself to stay out of that mental zone where panic sets in. That panicky omg-I-can’t-do-this-please-make-it-stop mode. I had to will my mind to wander into different territory.

…that different territory ended up being a visualization game. Thinking ahead to miles 14, 15, 16…20. And I’m not normally one to advocate thinking ahead that way (big fan of the ‘run the mile you’re in, the run you’re in, etc.’ mentality), but today — visualizing 13+ was exactly what I needed to do. I needed to know, from the very soles of my feet to my very heart and soul that this body…no, this *mind* is capable of seeing me through longer and longer distances.

And that’s what this run became for me today. On willing it (13), and then visualizing it (13+).

In other news, we look way too happy in this picture to have just run 13 miles, but I swear, we really did!

And finally, some random notes and things from today’s run:

  • seeing a skunk about 5 minutes into the run is not cool. Especially when your husband does the sprint fake-out to make you think the skunk is after us. Again, not cool.
  • running on trash day is stinky business. Not exactly the breeze I want to be surrounded by mid-run. Ew.
  • the new tank I was so excited about that I got at Dick’s Sporting Goods the other day is not nearly as wicking as the marathon tank I got from lululemon. See? My bank account *should* thank me for spending the extra bucks on the good stuff at lulu. Noted.
  • body glide is Scott’s new best friend. His sensitive areas are thanking him today.
  • 13 miles is tough stuff. 13 miles before 8am on a weekday? tough stuff but kinda badass. I dig it.
  • #marathonmojo: intact.

38 thoughts on “On willing it (13), visualizing it (13+)

    • Ohhh yes, a trip to the store and you’d be in fitgear HEAVEN. Avoid it unless you want to pain your wallet a good deal, hehe 😉

      Haha thanks — I’m surprised at how not-dead we look in that pic, to be honest! However, if you saw a pic of me now? You might see that ‘dead’ look in my eyes, I’m exhausted now that those 13 miles have fully settled in. Oh boy!

  1. Ok, you got my email the other day right – about the distance. So I totally get this accomplishment and love it! Next stop 14 baby!! Love new running gear. That always helps. So glad the body glide helped Scott. Love that stuff. And yes, running on trash day is always stinky 😉

  2. That run is a milestone. I remember it too. It feels surreal almost and what kind of solidified that I was training for a marathon and completely different race than before. So cool to experience. I love being able to follow along with your training and can’t wait to cheer you on even though I won’t be running. I know it will still be such a great day!

    • It felt totally monumental to me — almost MORE monumental than hitting my first PDR (which will happen next week!) in a way. I think because 13 miles always signifies a major “event” to me, a race, something I’d been working towards for months. SO to be able to kick one out on a Wednesday morning? HUGE confidence booster!!

      I am SO excited to have you there cheering us on and love that you are still just as excited to spectate, even though you are no longer running this one. You are awesoeme!

  3. I am so proud of you sis!! This run sounds like it was the calming, confidence-boosting run you needed and I am already in awe of how far you have come in a short amount of time. And I really do want to ‘sherpa’ run some of these with you soon. Let’s legit plan that asap ok?? (and the skunk fake-out run – SO FUNNY! Nice job Scott, well played.)

    • The sherpa run WILL happen and soon. I will LOVE sharing that with you and can’t wait to make it happen. In the meantime, I totally felt your good vibes all morning while running. You are the best supporter ever, thank you sis! xoxo

      PS. scott’s quite the comedian isn’t he??

  4. Men love Bodyglide, seriously!

    Isn’t it crazy running something you normally do in a race? I’ll never forget the time I ran farther than I ever have. Cherish these little moments, which are later milestones for you.

    Great work!

    • HA, my hubs is a total fan now. He was VERY anti at first…that is until his first major chafing issue popped up last week. haha.

      It IS crazy running a distance that I’d normally do as a race. I think that’s why this felt even more monumental than a PDR…that I could do this without it being a “race” day setting. “Just” another long run. Crazy how that just happens!!

  5. Willing myself to run is a HUGE part of it for me right now. Not that I feel like everyone needs to be a runner, but I want to enjoy a short run knowing that I’m doing something for me and be able to enjoy my surroundings. The skunk thing would totally get my butt moving!

    • Well – why not consider it a little bit differently. Will yourself to run JOYFULLY vs. willing yourself just to run. If you switch your focus a bit, it might help you to see the joy that running can bring a little bit more, you know?

  6. And I’m sure that Scott is thanking you for telling us all about his body glide habits 😉

    Great great run! Sometimes you have to do exactly what you did – yes being “in the mile, in the run” is important MOST of the time, but the future visulization is crucial as well because you know you’ll be there someday in the very near future.

    Keep that marathon mojo up my dear, you’re really rocking it right now!

    • Haha, good point — sorry babe, totally TMI 😉

      You are right. Sometimes I DO need to totally visualize in order to see that next step, next phase. Running the run or mile I’m in serves a certain purpose, but it’s a very different purpose than the “run the run you’re in” mantra serves. I need to remember that…that getting away from my own “rules” can really help sometimes, as it did today with the whole visualization thing.

  7. Awesome job on a good long run! Every new long run here on out is going to feel so amazing to complete a further distance than you’ve ever done before! Each one a great accomplishment!!!

    • LOVE training with my husband. I honestly don’t think I would want to tackle a full marathon without him. Not only do I love and need his support out there, but I”d hate to steal so much of my time away from him by training solo. Now we get some awesome “Us time” while pounding the pavement. Kind of a nice deal if you ask me 🙂

  8. Oh, I hate running on garbage day, too; it’s the worst! Unfortunately I live down the street where they keep all of the garbage trucks for my town so I have to be careful with my timing.

    I am also addicted to lulu. It’s expensive, but so many of their products are so great for running.

    • Isn’t it? I kept having to breathe out of my mouth to avoid the nasty fumes. EW.

      Lulu IS expensive but seriously so worth it. Their stuff lasts forever and looks GREAT too. win-win. 🙂

  9. Love the color of your new tank!! But I totally know what you mean – might as well just spend the money on the good stuff – Lulu never lets us down. 🙂
    Great job on 13 mid-week. That’s good stuff!

  10. One thing that is awesome about training for the marathon your first time is all of the milestones that you get to accomplish! It is not only exciting, but it also builds your confidence. Anytime I was in the last few miles of a long run and I was struggling, I would let my mind drift and daydream about race-day. Visualizing crossing the finish line always boosted my motivation to finish the run strong!

    And YAY for body glide! I love me some tempo shorts so I would always have to rock me some body glide:-)

    Have I mentioned how excited I am for you! I am! SO, SO pumped! I might have to drive to Chicago that day to cheer you on! It is less than a three mile drive!

  11. Love this and so proud of you!! Willing it and visualizing it – having those tools in your pocket will definitely help get you through the marathon. I have no doubt about it now (not that I did before. just saying). And your reflections on the run – love that Scott tried to fake you out that the skunk was chasing you and glad to hear that I have an unbiased opinion that my Lululemon purchases are worth it 🙂

    • hehe, my lulu opinion is totally and completely free of bias 😉

      Thank you so much for being such an awesome supporter — you guys have all been so great so far and I can only imagine how much more I’ll need this support as marathon training drones on. It’s a lonnng road to 26.2 lemme tell ya!

  12. Funny you mention Lulu, love love their clothes. I buy second hand lulu on EBay, I find their clothes last forever, wash well and have a wonderful fit. Just back from a blissful time in the west of Ireland. It was like stepping back 80 years in time, couldn’t get internet connection for past 12 days. If you visit, we’ll spend a few days here in Dublin and then head to the wonderful countryside.

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