Powerful and spring-y

I’m titling this post ‘Powerful and spring-y’ which might sound kind of like an oxymoron, but I promise it’ll all make sense by the end. Hopefully. 😉

So first up — the powerful part of the equation.

As in a powerful run. Powerful on many levels.

powerful in how it reconnected Scott and I (aka long-lost #teamsutera). Even though we barely spoke a word.

powerful in how present I felt during the run. Present in each and every step I took, present in taking in my surroundings, present in listening to Scott’s even breathing next to me, silently pushing us both along. #presence2013 is a beautiful thing. (more of an update on this project of ours in a future post…)

powerful in how my legs felt pushing up and down the hills on our *favorite* 7-miler rundate route.

powerful in the rush of memories that came flooding back during that 7-mile route we circled. It’s the same route we doubled and tripled and nearly quadrupled during Chicago marathon training. Memories. ❤

powerful in the incredible HIGH it gave us both. The rush of the cool, fresh air breezing past our faces. The strength we both felt in our legs, and in our speed. And the incredible DOMS we both felt the next day (and are sure to feel even more tomorrow…I’m a two-day-later kind of girl).

powerful in the JOY it brought us both when all was said and done. As evidenced by our GIANT (albeit sweaty) smiles. ❤

photo (45)

Now, for the spring-y part.

spring-y as in the antsy pants I now have for spring to actually arrive. We went from blizzard conditions on Friday to sunshine and 50 degrees on Monday. Kinda makes me crazy, for SPRING. I love it so. ❤

spring-y as in the joy I already feel for the mere opportunity for many more of those powerful runs like I described from Sunday. Those reconnecting, rejuvinating and energizing runs. Trying so very hard to be patient…patience pants don’t suit me so well. 😉

spring-y and the absolute geeked-out high I get from trying out new fitgear at the studio during three-fer Monday that put a big ‘ol spring in my step as I set foot into the studio I love so very much. You see, sometimes *all* it takes to get me going on an early-start Monday (especially after the daylight savings time change the night before!), is a new outfit. Yup, I’m easy to please. And yup, I’m a giant #luluhoarder. But I won’t apologize for that part. I am who I am. Take me or leave me. ;-P

photo (44)


Soooooo, that’s all I got after a very long start to my week — but doing what I love most of all, and with that extra spring in my step totally helped matters. So is the glass of wine I’m savoring the heck out of as I type this. (note: blogging with wine is something I need to do more often. #noted.). Happppy (powerful and spring-y) Monday, friends! 

28 thoughts on “Powerful and spring-y

  1. YAAAY the power of #TeamSutera is big! I am so antsy about spring too – I cannot wait for the longer days (light until 9pm!), the warm weather, the farmers markets… I cannot stop talking about it either 😉

    • I loooove #teamsutera 🙂 🙂

      And YES, I can’t even FATHOM days with sunshine until almost 9pm. It feels like a dream still, I just LOVE that time of year, I Feel so alive with all of that sunshine and live and energy surrounding me, you know? Glad I’m not the only one. 😉

  2. outdoor running is seriously night and day, and I realized it SO much more this weekend! LOVE it. Love this, powerful and spring-y, it is the best feeling!

  3. I had such a great run with Jay yesterday, too. It’s funny how connected we feel after running together (even if we don’t talk much!).
    I love those pants sooooo much. I keep adding them to my cart and then removing them. 🙂

    • Hahaha shucks Tina, you are makin’ me blush! That outfit is pretty awesome though, I’m infatuated, hehe. 😉

      PS SO glad you’ve had some good running going on for you too!!

  4. The weather has been cray cray but Saturday’s warmth and sunshine was amazing. Perfect day for a run! Glad you enjoyed it!

    • I’ve missed #teamsutera so much ❤

      And um, I'm TOTALLY obsessed with my newest addition to my lulu wardrobe, holy hell those in the flow crops are AMAZING!! #wantmore #needmore #luluhoardersunite4lyf

    • I’m glad that pic screams HAPPY to you because that’s exactly how we both felt after our run together. Such fun 🙂
      ps I MAY be extremely obsessed with these crops from Lulu — even more so than my wunder under obsession, in the flow is my new lulu faves!!

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