Workout weekend – the recap

To say this weekend was an utter whirlwind would be an understatement.

It went by in an INSTANT.

But that instant was filled with more memories than I could possibly do justice to in this blog.

So I won’t.

Instead, I’ll leave you with a few memories and “learnings” and, of course, some more pictures (as promised) and leave it at that. I’m too pooped for much more, to be honest. Especially since I’m facing the airport again tomorrow for a quick work-related trip tomorrow/Tuesday. Whew…if I’m alive by the end of this week, it’ll be a miracle. 😉

  • I not only got to workout with Cathe, but I got to teach beside Cathe, too – Yes, you read that correctly. No sooner did we start our first official Road Trip workout with Cathe did she come looking for my sis and I to help her teach the kickbox portion of the class. She called us out immediately – and when we didn’t immediately come to the front of the class, she came to find us!! Who could turn down an opportunity like that?!! I looked at my sis, mind blank – no clue what kick move to suggest we teach our fellow Road Trippers. Jo said – “jab, upper!” And jab, upper we did. Over, and over, and over, again. And it was awesome. I said to Heather – if I died tomorrow, I’d die happy. Unforgettable.
  • Speaking of unforgettable – I finally got to meet Heather – We’ve grown so close via our blogging friendship that meeting eachother was just so much fun. It was like we knew eachother forever or something. We have so much in common!! Though – not gonna lie, she’s in WAY better shape than me, just sayin’. But that aside, we are very alike. We love to sweat, we love Cathe, we love wine…what more could you ask for, right? 😉  And now, I’m already thinking about when we’ll be able to visit again – Arkansas “road trip” anyone??
  • Sweating, and sweating, and sweating like WHOA – Seriously – this weekend was a sweat-fest like no other. I mean – yes, if you wanted to, you could glide through this workout weekend, avoiding too much sweating if you REALLY wanted to. But c’mon, if you’re going to a WORKOUT WEEKEND, you’re there to “work work” and that’s final. So – in true Cathe fashion, that’s what I did. I tried to work as hard as possible throughout each workout and was in awe of how amazing it felt to workout surrounded by so many strong women in one big workout room. Surprisingly – my sweatiest workout ended up being the third workout of day 2 which was spinning (long story – but slight scheduling change for Saturday, hence the addition of spinning to the line-up). I seriously felt like I swam through sweat or something – there was not one orifice of my body that was NOT sweating after – I didn’t know quite what to do with my sweaty self. LOL.
  • Bonding with my “Cathelete” sisters and my “true” sister Jo – This is the third Road Trip I’ve attended with my sister, and my second one attending with some of my fellow Cathelete friends both from home and from previous RT meet-ups and it never ceases to amaze me at how much fun it is to spend time with friends who love to workout like I do. And – as you all know very well by now, my sis and I LOVE to bond over a good sweat-fest and this was no different. I swear – next year, all three of us will be at the Cathe RT – Jen, included! And that’s an AUNTIE promise. 🙂

I could go on and on and on and ON about this weekend – but since my hubby is in dire need of some cuddle time (that goes double for me!), I’ll stop my “workout weekend’ gushing and leave you with a pic or two. I promise to be back to “regular blogging” by mid-week this week…this work trip sorta screws with my regular schedule the next coupla days. Boo!

Long story short – amazing weekend, very pooped chica over here (I guess that’s what happens when you burn almost 2,500 calories in one weekend!!).

Hamming it up in the airport bar before we left on Friday – yet again, delayed (we get delayed every year!) and “stuck” in the airport bar (twist my arm!)

“I heart Cathe” girls with Cathe…next year she needs an “I heart Cathletes” t-shirt!

The “Crazy, Strong, and Loving It’ girls from Cathe’s workout forums – this was our first time all together!

Goofing off right before our last workout (lower body blast) of the weekend – trying to psyche ourselves up this AM!

12 thoughts on “Workout weekend – the recap

  1. aww love your post too sis (and uh, why didn’t you link to mine?! 😉 ). I love the pics you chose too, totally different than mine! I didn’t get a crazy strong and loving it pic! But I loved sweating it up, as usual, with you, and this WAS our first trip flying together just us (basically). Kinda neat 😉

  2. Yay! That looks like such fun. How awesome that you got to teach with Cathe! So cool.

    And did Cathe teach the spinning class? I think that would be crazy to see. LOL

    • Seriously Tina, it was unreal!! And no, she didn’t teach spin – wouldn’t that have been wild though?? You’d have to peel me off the floor (vs mop me off the floor as was needed regardless of who taught that class on Saturday, clearly!!)

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