Reason #4,567 why I heart barre n9ne

I know, I know, *another* post about my ongoing love affair with barre n9ne. Can you even stand me anymore??

But seriously, I just can’t help myself today. Way too much awesome stuff going on for me not to share on this fine, fine Friday morning.

The studio is expandingwith a second location about 25 minutes away from the original location (which is 35 seconds from my house, practically) — and what I love the *most* about that? It just means more and more people can experience the incredible transformation that I’ve personally undergone since joining the studio almost a year ago to the day (May 12 is my one year barre-versary…the one year mark since I kicked off the infamous 60-day challenge. The challenge that ultimately changed my life forever, no lie). <–expect a full recap of the grand opening party next week, the big event is on Saturday, my sis and I have been scheming for the last couple of weeks, snagging some really cool sponsors and things. Can’t wait to share!

I love to teach. Really, really, really love to teach. This was all more than solidified for me when I taught those three classes I told you I felt so honored to have the priviledge to teach yesterday. I loved seeing all the shaking at the barre – not once, not twice, but three times…and in two different studios! Everyone continues to work so, so, so hard during class — I love to see that look of satisfaction on their face when they walk out of that studio afterwards. It’s ridiculously rewarding.

I am still not afraid of the scale. This is a big one, friends. Yesterday, before teaching the second class of the day, I saw the scale sitting underneath the reception desk in the studio. And literally without a second thought, I turned it on and hopped on. I haven’t weighed myself since November — my 6 month mark of the challenge. It was that day, 6 months ago, where I proclaimed I was no longer afraid of the scale. And yesterday was no different. I stepped on that scale and was not afraid. At. All. And wouldn’t you know — when I looked down? That number literally stunned me into silence. It was a brand-spankin’ new number, a lower one, and one I have not seen in I can’t even tell you how many years.

Now. I have not intentionally been trying to lose weight since I hit my goal weight in November. I’ve been working hard, yes. Training hard, yes. But weight loss has been far from my mind. Maintenance has been my game plan. Numbers, scales, etc. are seriously not my “thing” as you all know very well, by now.  But to see a lower number was such a surprise. And you know what? I’m not gonna sit here and lie to you guys it felt frickin’ incredible. I am damn proud of myself. Particularly because this lifestyle of mine (that yes, still includes a food log), is truly a lifestyle. One that I believe in so strongly. Because it works. Becaues it’s not about deprivation. It’s not about a diet. It’s not about fits and starts. It’s about consistencyIt’s about loving food — real, wholesome, nutritious (damn tasty) food. And ultimately, it’s about making peace with food. Which I’m proud to say I’ve done (‘cept for an occasional case of OATT  here and there…hey, I never claimed to be perfect!).

So reason #4,567 why I heart barre n9ne?
…because it’s become my happy place. Through and through. ❤

28 thoughts on “Reason #4,567 why I heart barre n9ne

    • Thank you, friend! I LOVE that you got to try barre n9ne this morning with my sis!! I wish I was there to see all the shaking going on at the barre – way to rock it out, Ms. Boston Marathoner!! 🙂

  1. I love this sis!! and LOVE the new number! It’s incredible! Now it is making me less scared to weigh myself too. I feel so GOOD and confident and it’s an incredible feeling. What a journey we’ve been through, huh?! XOXO

    • It feels frickin’ amazing, unreal, awesome…and many more words I can’t even begin to conjure up to describe what this past almost-year has meant to me. Totally transformative. LOVE that we’ve shared this journey, every single step of the way!

  2. its so great to find something you love and that gets u excited!! especially when it happens to be really good for u! i havent taken a barre class in forever but i used to love them. i love the idea of using your body weight and seeing results ie getting stronger bc of it. so awesome!

  3. Your enthusiasm is oozing from this post and it’s so inspiring! So happy that you have found something you love this much and that you are so passionate about. I love that you love teaching too. I can imagine that you and your sis are probably some kick ass teachers. Seriously, I’ve never had any interest in trying a barre class but with all this talk, you have me intrigued.

    • I write from the heart – especialy when it comes to barre n9ne. It is such a huge part of my life now, I just love it so much!! I’m glad you guys aren’t sick of hearing about it. 😉 I’d LOVE it if you went out and tried a barre class once your knee is back to 100%, I can promise you, you’ll love it!!

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