Virtual #rundate Saturday, anyone?

<tap tap tap tap tap>

That would be the sound of my antsy feet tapping away, just dying to get out there and run again. Dutifully, I kept my promise to myself to go run-free after the half on Sunday to give my joints a rest – well, to give my whole body a rest really. (not that the barre n9ne classes I took this week are “restful” or anything, but they *are* far better on the joints!)

But now that it’s Friday, I’m getting a ‘lil antsy to get out there and run my ass off! But then I got to thinking — sure I’m all uber-motivated *now* to run but what happens in a few weeks when it’s colder and I’m tired and my motivation isn’t quite where it is today? Why not start virtual #rundate Saturday so I can “run” with all of you and thus, I’m being held accountable to get out there and run *and* I get to “run” with all of you.

Genius, right? 

Plus, tomorrow is race day for my blog bestie Heather and I figure she might want a little bit of company tomorrow while she’s out there killing 13.1.
(Edit: How could I forget?? Must also cheer on Heather and Stephanie who are both running the Marine Corp Marathon on Sunday, go ladies, GO!) 

Sooooo – whose with me? 
C’mon, you *know* you wanna. 😉

I’m actually hoping for one of those run without thinking, with no distance in mind, just running to run, kind of days tomorrow. It’ll be a little chilly but that’s what cute running gear is for, right?? Plus, it totally counts as badass (in my book and a certain MommaSunshine’s book too, I dare say).

So tell me – will you join me tomorrow for virtual #rundate Saturday *and* will you cheer on Heather with me??

Happy Friday ya’ll — holy wow am I in a chipper mood today. Good thing it’s not Monday or I might be accused of being like that chick in Office Space (the “jUst a moment, chick). hehe 😉