Sweat is good.

Sweat is good.

And chocolate is a gift of love <—says the wrapper from the dove miniature chocolate I had for dessert last night ❤

How’s that for two pearls of wisdom on this fine Thursday morning?  But seriously – I’m here to talk about sweat, notsomuch about chocolate (though I heart chocolate too, but let’s stay on topic, shall we?).

And here’s why: I’m realizing that I’m no longer exclusively an AM workout-er (yes, that is a word). I’m finding that I love ending my day with a good sweat-fest *almost* as much I love starting my day with one.

Working out at night, I’m digging for two reasons: 
…it’s giving me a  better semblance of balance. I’m forced to leave work with enough time to get to barre n9ne at night (or to meet up with my husband for a rundate, depending on the day!), no excuses. <—even when traffic threatens to make me late for class like <ahem> last night!

…it shakes off the everyday stress that comes with life and I find myself coming home much happier and more centered. I think it’s mainly because I’ve had time to focus on me and my sweat (yes, my sweat) and not much else. I walk away from barre n9ne or a rundate feeling “me” again.

That’s not to say that I’m now exclusively a PM workout-er. Because I truly LOVE working out in the morning as I firmly believe its the *only* way to start the day on the right footing. With a good sweatfest. Sweat is good. So good. For the mind. For the body. For the soul. And getting in a killer sweatfest well before most people even *think* about hitting snooze on their alarm clock? Well, it’s kinda badass if you ask me. I heart my AM workouts, yes please!

So what’s my point?
I guess I have three points here:

  1. Sweat is good (duh)
  2. Just because you’ve always been an AM or a PM workout-er, doesn’t mean you have to stick to that; there are benefits to both (LOTS of them) <—and giving a shot at one vs. the other or mixing it up with a little of both for a change might be all it takes to snap you out of a rut or a plateau
  3. Chocolate is a gift of love, oh yes it is.
But again, to recap – Sweat. Is. Good. 
(just in case that point wasn’t clear enough or something…) 😉