Sweat is good.

Sweat is good.

And chocolate is a gift of love <—says the wrapper from the dove miniature chocolate I had for dessert last night ❤

How’s that for two pearls of wisdom on this fine Thursday morning?  But seriously – I’m here to talk about sweat, notsomuch about chocolate (though I heart chocolate too, but let’s stay on topic, shall we?).

And here’s why: I’m realizing that I’m no longer exclusively an AM workout-er (yes, that is a word). I’m finding that I love ending my day with a good sweat-fest *almost* as much I love starting my day with one.

Working out at night, I’m digging for two reasons: 
…it’s giving me a  better semblance of balance. I’m forced to leave work with enough time to get to barre n9ne at night (or to meet up with my husband for a rundate, depending on the day!), no excuses. <—even when traffic threatens to make me late for class like <ahem> last night!

…it shakes off the everyday stress that comes with life and I find myself coming home much happier and more centered. I think it’s mainly because I’ve had time to focus on me and my sweat (yes, my sweat) and not much else. I walk away from barre n9ne or a rundate feeling “me” again.

That’s not to say that I’m now exclusively a PM workout-er. Because I truly LOVE working out in the morning as I firmly believe its the *only* way to start the day on the right footing. With a good sweatfest. Sweat is good. So good. For the mind. For the body. For the soul. And getting in a killer sweatfest well before most people even *think* about hitting snooze on their alarm clock? Well, it’s kinda badass if you ask me. I heart my AM workouts, yes please!

So what’s my point?
I guess I have three points here:

  1. Sweat is good (duh)
  2. Just because you’ve always been an AM or a PM workout-er, doesn’t mean you have to stick to that; there are benefits to both (LOTS of them) <—and giving a shot at one vs. the other or mixing it up with a little of both for a change might be all it takes to snap you out of a rut or a plateau
  3. Chocolate is a gift of love, oh yes it is.
But again, to recap – Sweat. Is. Good. 
(just in case that point wasn’t clear enough or something…) 😉

26 thoughts on “Sweat is good.

  1. Wait…is sweat GOOD? ;-P
    I agree with you! I never thought I’d like to work out in the afternoon/evening, but I totally do now that we do it so often. I do love a good morning workout to get some sweat going, even if it is a short 3 miler like mine this morning 🙂

  2. I’m so glad to hear sweat is good. Because I do a lot of it. 🙂
    I’ve always been an evening exerciser. I can lift more weights, run faster, and feel better!

    • Haha, you and me both, sista!
      I think it’s so interesting to hear everyone’ s unique take on the best time of day that works for them. I used to SWEAR by AM workouts ONLY, but now that I’m finding a love for the PM thang, I’m loving the benefits of both. I guess I’m an all-day kind of sweater, haha

  3. While I don’t just love getting up early for a run – I am honestly missing my morning runs right now. Such a great way to get the day started. I am with you on either midday or evening workouts though – great way to de-stress. It can give you something more positive to look forward to as well.

    • It really is – nothing quite compares to hitting the road when most everyone else is still dead asleep. That’s what really bums me out about fall and winter..which is why I’m doing my best to befriend the dreadmill so I can still experience *some* early-AM running when running outside after work isn’t an option and when AM running is just far too dark and scary and cold this winter.

  4. You and I are so on the same page. I am really trying to give the PM workouts more credit. It is really helpful at airing out your stress doing activity and not through say a glass of wine:)

    Either way, you’re right it’s about getting out and moving.

  5. Agreed My view is whatever time of day works for you, go for it! For me, that tends to be evenings. Although I’d LOVE to be a morning workouter (is that even a word?!). I’ve tried before and failed. It’s just so HARD to get out of bed early, and if I want to run with my husband, it’s got to be evenings. So in the meantime, I’ll be happy with my sweatfest at whatever time of day it works 🙂

    • The best way to adjust to AM workouts is by starting in the spring/summer when its BLAZING light out at 5am. Then it gets easier to continue the habit in the fall/winter when it’s pitch black out. Not that it’s ever easy to get up at that time of day, it is slightly easier when its warm and sunny out I will say that!

      But you’re right – -do what works best for you, that you will STICK with, that’s what matters.

  6. It’s funny…I used to be a PM only work out person…mostly because that was the time of basketball practice…but when it came time to workout on my own, I turned AM…though the few PM workouts I’ve done have always felt awesome!

    • Similar here – I never, ever worked out at night unless I absolutely HAD to. But ever since barre n9ne came into my life, I now appreciate those PM workouts. A lot more than I thought I would.

  7. I was never an AM work out person but this summer I began to embrace running before it got too hot out…and now, I just don’t feel right if I don’t get it in before work. It’s funny how quickly that changes!

    • It really is – sort of like going through “workout cycles” – where you are SO into a certain type of workout for awhile and then suddenly it doesn’t appeal to you anymore. Same with AM and PM workouts – can be an either/or or both thing, depending on your mood or “cycle” ya know?

  8. It’s only been a week, but I’ve noticed that (so far) I don’t hate afternoon workouts as much as I used to. I have a different kind of energy in the afternoon. So true any time can be a good time. And sweat is very good. 😉

  9. I like either afternoon or evening workouts, but I just can’t make myself workout in the morning, unless it’s the weekend and I can go back to sleep.

    • Totally – some people are just NEVER going to be a morning workout person, and some will NEVER be a PM workout person. I always thought I was *just* an AM girl, but apparently, I’m an all day kinda girl. haha

  10. Haha, you are funny. So, basically, you like to sweat?

    I am the same. I love morning workouts because I feel like they wake me up and put me in a good head-space for the day. But I also love evening workouts because…well, I can doddle around more in the morning, and I love the way it feels to end my day with a good sweat.


  11. Yes, a sweatfest is good anytime of the day. The thing I found with after work workouts was I wasn’t eating enough during the day, so I’d be starving and I’d eat dinner and then feel lazy and not workout. So in an effort to get the workouts in, I decided to start working out in the morning. So moral of this loooong comment: make sure you eat right no matter when you workout.

  12. I’m much more of an AM-er, too, mostly because I love *starting* my day with a good sweat 🙂 but to wind down, have something to look forward to, or make it an excuse to see friends after a day at work? Never a bad thing, either!

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