Switching it up

First – I need to say thank you for all of your loving words of support and encouragement after my last post on Nala, I totally appreciate it (more than you know) and I know my sister was really, really touched by all of your thoughts and prayers. So, thank you. I am working very hard to keep the faith strong for the both of us so please continue saying your prayers and sending positive thoughts her way for Nala.


Moving on to other thoughts rolling around in my brain today – I’m on the topic of switching it up, or shocking the system. Yup, you got it – I’m quasi back on the STS train, and LOVING it. As you know, I took a hiatus from STS after doing both a 3-month and 6-month rotation in an effort to give my body something new to focus on – which also happened to be around the time that I was intensely into my Kick training. After rotating Group Power into my regime as my main weight training element, I found that the endurance it built was great but after doing it for about six months or so, my body was definitely getting used to it. I wasn’t as sore anymore, I was adding more weight here and there but just felt a little bit stagnant after awhile.

Essentially, my body was telling me it wanted a shock, so shock it I’m doing! I started doing my own “version” of STS last week which so far, I think I’ll do as follows:

2 weeks at Meso 1 (reminder – this is all about endurance building so high reps, lower weights)

2 weeks at Meso 2 (hypertrophy phase, meaning less reps – usually 10 or 12 per set, and higher weights)

2 weeks at Meso 3 (strength phase, meaning even fewer reps – usually only 7-8, and the highest weights of all)

So far, it’s working out great.  I’m in the second week of Meso 1 and am feeling those DOMS like whoa in my legs, in particular. For some reason, Meso 1 leg workouts KILL me most of all. I was on the Ride bike this morning in sheer agony until I got warmed up – my thighs, of all places, were on fire! Not a bad thing given I don’t particularly *love* my thighs (who does??), but still. 😉

In addition to three days of STS strength training, I’ve been trying to focus on running since that Wicked Half will be here before I know it (eek), mixed with Ride and Kick once per week (since I’m not on a regular teaching rotation right now, I’m taking the class to keep sharp – plus the new release just came in the mail so we’ll be starting group practices again soon too, oh boy!).

So – that’s my story of late, shock it, baby! Love to know what you do when you feel like you’re starting to get a little stagnant in your current routine – do you add a new cardio challenge? A new weight rotation? A little of both? What’s your poison? 😉