Core Fusion – two days later…

DOMS. ‘nuf said.

I actually was planning to post a recap of my return to Core Fusion yesterday but aside from the day getting away from me (including the return of the hubs from his weekend away with the boys, yay!), I never ended up posting this.

Well – it’s kind of a good thing I didn’t. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this related to DOMS (reminder – stands for delayed onset muscle soreness) – but I’m totally a two-day-later kind of gal in that department. While I was DEFINITELY sore yesterday, I sort of anticipated that today I’d be doubly sore.

Um, whoa, DOMS-city today! While I definitely give credit (big-time) to Core Fusion on Sunday afternoon, I also give credit to my “mini” STS rotation I created for myself, too. This week I started meso 2 for two weeks – including a chest/shoulders/triceps workout on Sunday and a legs workout (looove those trisets!) on Monday. That, coupled with Core Fusion, and you’ve got some major DOMS going on. <—seriously, how many times can I use DOMS in one blog post? This may be a record. But I digress.

So – back to Core Fusion. In a word – LOVE. Now I know why I shelled out all that money the minute I saw the 10-pack deal on Rue La La months and months ago. This workout is incredible – and totally sneaks up on you. For those of you not familiar with it, I highly recommend you can read up on it here.  Basically – it’s a combination of conditioning exercises (with light hand weights, a ballet bar,  a cloth band, and/or a small red ball I like to call the “‘lil bastard'”), core work via Pilates-inspired moves and stretching, all intended to produce long, lean muscles and a strong core. It’s not like any other workout I’ve tried – I wouldn’t even compare it to yoga or pilates, because I don’t love either of those workouts, I’ll do them sometimes but I’ve never uncovered a love for either one. Partly because I’m soooo inflexible it’s ridiculous (um, hi, can barely touch my toes – well I can *almost* touch them thanks to previous Core Fusion classes, I swear), but partly because those workouts just don’t “do it” for me for whatever reason.

Core Fusion “does it” for me and I am already excited to go back and give it another try. I’ll say that I do need to modify some of the stretching moves but the conditioning work and core work I can mostly do without many modifications (that’s the other thing – you can jump into this class as a beginner and modify your way through it without a problem, I promise – so get over the intimidation factor if you’ve been dying to try it, I promise you won’t be disappointed).  So I count that as an accomplishment from when I first started taking the class – and this, despite not even taking the class in months and months and months. Score one for me!

Anyway, in the name of trying new things and switching it up, I totally recommend adding new workouts to your typical regime – not only to avoid boredom and to prevent plateaus – but also because its great for re-inspiration.  And we all know when it comes to inspiration (re-inspiration or otherwise), I’m all about it! 😉