Something new – weekly fitness goals

In the spirit of continually shocking the body (STS much, anyone?), I’ve decided that I’m going to start outlining weekly fitness goals for myself. Don’t worry – this is nothing crazy (or nothing crazi-er than normal!), just an attempt to keep my body guessing, avoiding the workout lulls, ruts and plateaus as best as I can.

Plus – given the Wicked Half that’s been on my mind like crazy, especially after reading and re-reading Amy’s guest post for me yesterday, I am extra motivated to get my butt into gear for the big race in September. Seriously gives me butterflies in my tummy just thinking about it! I SO want to get to the point that Amy did where she was absolutely 100% ready on race day, could visualize herself getting through each phase of the tri, including crossing that finish line. Right now, the Wicked Half feels like a foggy, VERY long race that I don’t know how I’ll manage to complete. I know, I know, it’s on my bucket list for a reason, right??

So, back to my weekly fitness goals – for next week, my goal is to work my abs at least three times next week. It’s one area of my body that I neglect because I get so frustrated at how much work it takes to get results. But to think how important core strength is for everything from running, to kickboxing, to spinning and beyond, I need to re-focus on them in a big way. So that’s my goal – nothing fancy or too crazy, right?

If you were to pick a fitness goal next week, what would it be? I’d love to hear your ideas!

And PS. I have a debate going with my sister – she and I both struggle to give ourselves a rest day each week – yes, we’re that crazy that skipping a day just seems too difficult to do sometimes. 😉 Well – I told her that you need to take a full rest day a week to give your body active recovery time. She didn’t take one this week but I did. She claims that since I did a “double” on Monday (upper body work with STS followed by a lower body workout with STS), that my rest day no longer “counts.” I disagree. Weigh in please – rest day needed regardless? Or rest day not needed if you don’t “double up?”