Motivation mojo – where are you hiding?

Let’s call this a mini “Confessions of a Fitness blogger” post, shall we?

I’m not always motivated to workout.


I know, I know. Despite what you all may think – I do have moments where I fight with myself to get ‘er done.

Case in point – here’s what’s been running through my head the past hour or so…

God, what a day. I really need to get my workout in tonight.<editor’s note – was supposed to hit Ride this AM, but the rain, coupled with a slight scratchy throat and I nixed it for fear of coming down with a cold which would be bad, bad, bad>

<sigh> But I’m hungry. And tired. And grumpy. And I miss my couch.

Buuuut Sunday was my rest day and today was supposed to be a cardio day sooooo…

And that’s where I stopped and thought to myself:

SELF! What is your motivation today???

Well – my friends, my only motivation for working out tonight is to SHAKE OFF this mood I’m in. As I’ve said a million times before, nobody ever regrets going to the gym when all is said and done.

And so, that’s that. I WILL get my cardio groove on tonight, probably in the form of a Kick workout in front of my TV. It always does the “shake-it-off” trick, that’s for sure.

AND since this blog is oh-so-good for that thing called accountability? You bet your ass I”ll be back tomorrow to report back on how that workout went. 😉


#TheLittleThings for today – I’m thankful for this blog for letting me be me. For letting my voice shine through, even when in the form of a “confession” like tonight’s post turned out to be. AND a huge thank you to all of you for helping me to surpass the 20k hits to my blog which I happened to notice last night. How cool! Here’s to 20k more hits and then some. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Motivation mojo – where are you hiding?

  1. Girl, I have many days where I don’t REALLY want to work out. It’s just habit, routine, what I do I suppose. And it typically helps me shake off the funk too. I mean, that’s reason in and of itself to get up and move it for even 30 minutes!

    • I know…I’m totally with you on it being such a habit that you honestly DO miss it when you either have a rest day or just are in a funk like I was last night. My post was awesome for accountability as I went straight home and got my workout groove on even though I *really* didn’t want to until I got moving. And then, well – gloves were off as they say 😉

  2. You’ve motivated me to get out of bed on this dark cold morning and do STS Legs disc 6. Back in the bed now though watching early morning tv before work. Still at least my workout is done.

    • Aww!! That is awesome!! So glad I could motivate you by my attempt at self-motivation by blogging it out. It worked like nobody’s business for me last night!! I may have to do these little pep-talk style blog posts more often, ha! 😉

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