Spontaneous…with a lower-case “s”

Ok, so by now you all know that ‘spontaneous’ is typically *not* my middle name.

But in the spirit of learning to be Type A- vs. Type A+ (hello new years’ resolutions!), I am finding that a little spontaneity in life isn’t such a bad thing.

Exhibit A: Impromptu double date plans with one of my favorite couples around.

Yes, normally my Friday night consists of yoga pants, naan pizza and a glass of wine. I’m so spent by the end of the week that that’s usually all I can muster.

Well, the hubs made sure that was not the case this Friday night. He and one of our best friends (we’ll call him “S”) orchestrated a dinner and a movie night for us. (yes, two MEN made plans for us, imagine?!).

We ended up having a BLAST!  This despite the two husbands teasing us wives (who are normally very scheduled, very organized, very PLANNED) for being able to roll with the punches and doing something so impromptu and so well, very unlike the two of us.  And that was probably the best part. Well…that and the fact that the theater they chose lets you eat your dinner WHILE you watch the movie. I’m sorry but that’s just too cool. 😉

Exhibit B: Fitbloggin’

This one was a little bit less spontaneous (just ask Heather who I had to consult first because for some reason I couldn’t just commit right off the bat…some things never change!).

Long story short on this one?


I am SO SO SO excited! One of my bloggy besties Alicia (Poise In Parma, check her out if you haven’t, she rocks) was trying to find a ‘home’ for one of her Fitbloggin’ roomies tickets who sadly could no longer go to the conference.  And after some thinking it through, asking work for the time off, etc. I decided WHY THE HELL NOT?!?!

I’ll be surrounded by a fantastic group of Fitbloggin’ fiends just like me and I can’t even imagine how cool that will be! I cannot wait to pore over the agenda and the attendee list to see who else is going to be there (I already know Tina will be there which is just SO cool…can’t wait to meet you, girl!). I also can’t wait to meet my other “roomies” for the weekend – Heather from Mile 26 and More and Beth from Dining and Dishing. Ladies – I promise not to letcha down, we’re going to have a great time!!

So yes, ladies and gents, I am finally learning that spontaneity can be a good thing. Even when it’s quasi-spontaneity as explained in Exhibit B. 😉