Facing “fear,” boot camp-style

Remember my confession that I was just a teensy-tiny bit scared of Core Fusion Boot Camp?

It only came out in me and my sister’s “she said/she said” blog post and only because my sister forced me to add a “confession” to the list of Core Fusion ruminations in that post (when in doubt, blame your sister, works like a charm).

But for real – I *was* afraid of it. I had only done it twice as of that post. Twice out of almost the entire 30 days of the Core Fusion Challenge? C’mon, I’m better than that, right??

So this week? I faced down my “fear” of Core Fusion Boot Camp.

Not only did I conquer it on Monday, but I faced and conquered it *again* this morning, on a FRIDAY morning no less. Fridays, as you know, are SO much harder for me. I’m exhausted from the long week and the last thing I usually want to do is something super-duper challenging like Core Fusion Boot Camp.

But I did it.

And guess what? It wasn’t nearly as challenging today. I mean – don’t get me wrong, that is a damn hard workout, no doubt about it. But today I was ready for it. The jump-back series (x2!) was ridiculous as usual but I loved how it made me feel. My entire body was warm, sweat trickling down my back and I was alive. Talk about a total body workout. From the jump-backs to the push-ups on the playground ball to the planks on the playground ball and all sorts of Core Fusion fun in between?

Well, I have nothing left to say than this: TGIF. I’ve freakin’ earned it! And, I’ll add that to the “goals accomplished” list for the Core Fusion Challenge. Hmm there may be a follow-up blog post in there…

Happy, happy Friday – it’s freezing out here, but at least the sun was up not even halfway into my workout today. Which makes e even MORE excited for daylight savings time! I miss the sun…I feel like a bat half the winter. Up in the dark, inside at work all day, leave for the night and it’s pitch black. Seriously, something is VERY wrong with that, don’t you think??

14 thoughts on “Facing “fear,” boot camp-style

  1. Good for you sis! And hey, no blamesies!! πŸ˜‰ Glad you faced your fear…I confess, I did NOT do boot camp this week. happy now? πŸ˜‰

  2. Yep the dark mornings suck, I find them harder than the dark evenings. Soo glad I’m finished work and it’s the weekend. Off to a sweet little village called Dalkey for some early dinner and drinks.

    Bootcamp is kinda scary, I tried a segment of it but wow there were a lot of downward dog moves, I’ve chickened out of doing it again but I’ll try again, I want to have a few goes of the Core Fusion dvds before I take a live class with you guys. Have a great weekend.

    • EXACTLY why I love it so much – because it’s always ridiculously hard, but always in new and different ways as you condition your body through the CF moves. Love, love, LOVE!

  3. Daylight’s saving time is coming soon! Although I guess that won’t help your morning workouts. It’ll mean that it’ll be light when you leave work though.

  4. “My entire body was warm, sweat trickling down my back and I was alive”

    I love the way you write — you have this way of capturing what a really good workout is all about.

    And good job on conquering your fear. You’ve made awesome progress over this challenge, not just physically, but with your focus and extending your comfort zone. It’s inspiring πŸ™‚

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