It’s (challenge) time


I’m done with my 3 1/2 month STS rotation.

I’m not (yet) signed up for another half marathon (but trust me, I’m definitely doing at least one if not more races this spring).

It’s time.

Challenge time.

I alluded to it my STS wrap-up post that my sis and I had concocted a new challenge to take on.

And we’ve found it.

It’s called the Core Fusion 30-day challenge, which is *totally* inspired by Dori‘s incredible experience with the “original” 30-day challenge that Exhale Spa created.

My sis and I have decided that it’s HIGH time that we build a strong core. While we’re athletes and all (*wink*), we have NEVER had a strong core. We both have a hard time committing the time needed to strengthen it and invariably always end up frustrated and we give up (yes, you read that right – we give UP!).

So it’s about time we got over that. And thankfully, we’ve finally found a core/pilates/yoga inspired core workout that we both love to death (and are challenged, like whoa, by it).

Here’s how it’s gonna go down:

  • Starting next week, for the month of February we’ll do some form of Core Fusion 4-5 days per week
  • That could mean taking a live class at Exhale Spa in Boston (maybe next time founder Fred DeVito stops by to teach again  *hint! hint!*)
  • Or, it could mean popping in one of these bad boys. We now both own a handful of the Core Fusion DVDs including: Boot Camp (this one is the most cardio based of them all…no joke either, nearly killed me last night!); Body Sculpt; Pilates Abs, Glutes & Thighs; and Long & Lean.
  • In tandem, we’ll do *some* cardio via running (via intervals on the treadmill, or outside if weather permits) or spinning, primarily (maybe 1-2 days per week).
  • But no other strength training whatsoever, aside from what the body weight-based strength work and light hand weights that some of the Core Fusion DVDs include.
  • We’ll take one rest day entirely, as usual.
  • And – we’ll document our progress here on the blog with some guest appearances by my sis (yippee!).

And at the end of this month, what do we hope to accomplish?

It’s not what you think.

Yes, we want a strong core but we’re not aspiring to some crazy 6-pack or something. Quite the opposite. We’re both simply in this to build an overall stronger core that will carry us through whatever other crazy challenges we take on next. Because your core is INTEGRAL to so many aspects of life that to have a weak one is just wrong.

So that’s it. Simple as that. A stronger core. Anything on top of that is gravy. Really and truly.

I don’t know about you sis, but I say BRING IT ON. I am so ready for this Core Fusion Challenge, like whoa-ly. 😉


<Fitblogger confession alert>

The one thing that will take some adjusting to? Not doing an intense (i.e. heavy) weight training workout. And shifting my mindset as it relates to yoga/pilates inspired workouts. I fall into the “if I didn’t sweat buckets, I didn’t workout hard enough” camp. And that’s got to change. Core Fusion is an intense workout but in a very different way than say, a speedy run or an hour of a heavy weight training routine. But it’s different in exactly the way I need it to be and I need to accept that a Core Fusion workout indeed “counts” as a workout! So that’s my one fitblogger “confession” as part of all of this as crazy as that might sound. This sure falls into the “getting uncomfortable” portion of my 2011 resolutions, indeed.

53 thoughts on “It’s (challenge) time

  1. Yes yes yes yes so excited for this!!! Can’t wait to follow your progress. And the “if I didn’t sweat buckets, I didn’t workout hard enough” camp is totally false. I used to be in that camp, and my body never changed until I left that camp and started Core Fusion as my main workout. I promise you will see results!

    • I am TOTALLY inspired by what you accomplished (mind and body) with your own challenge so thank you so much for being a really big reason for me jumping into this challenge at last. I am SO excited for it..and really do think I need the mental change as well as physical and am HOPING this gets me there. Yippee!!

  2. Best of luck with this core fusion challenge, looking forward to seeing how you get on with it. I think I’d struggle with leaving out the heavy resistance training. I think for myself weight lifting keeps me in good shape so I’d be curious to see what changes if any would happen if I didn’t do any weight lifting. Best of luck with the challenge.

    • I know…I am worried I’ll struggle with the mindset shift but I guess time will tell, right? I guess we’ll both find out what happens when the “only” weight training you do is body based workouts and light hand weights at the end of Feb. Hopefully a good and “shocking” change ; -)

  3. good for you! i’m all about trying to strengthen my core too. everyone says it will help my running so i’m doing a little experiment to see if really works. can’t wait to follow your progress!

  4. Several things I loved about this post. First up, the fact that you admitted to giving up on stuff! How great is that!! Not the giving up, of course. That’s lame and weak of you 😉 But admitting it, that’s great! Sometimes we just don’t have the motivation or energy or whatever in us, right? And we forget that with some things in life, we really do have the option to Just Not Do It. Word up for keeping it real!

    Also, loving the focus on the core. I don’t really do specific core training beyond a lot of heavy lifting. Squats and deadlifts really get me there, and rowing. But I have this nagging worry that I should so more. Like you though I find the pilates / yoga mindset doesn’t really sit easily with me. So instead I just keep adding more weight to my deadlifts. Hmm, something to think about there..

    • Ha, thank you for appreciating my honesty! I will admit that I’m nervous about how this will affect the strength gains/progress I made with this latest STS rotation but I am having faith that this will be a good “shock” to the body and is just the thing to get me a stronger core. I think, based on your usual go-to workouts, that you could use a focus on the core too…try a CF workout, you might be pleasantly surprised!

  5. What a great challenge! I am super excited to hear more about it! Not only are the workouts exciting, but it’s a whole new approach to working out and one that really interests me. As a runner, I definitely need to strengthen my core! I also hope to spend more time on yoga/core/Pilates workouts after this training cycle. Good luck!

  6. In my inbox this morning was an email about how a strong core makes a triathlon swim easier.


    I’m excited about this for both of you. I may have to look into it myself…

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hey T! I’ve heard about you from my sis, thanks for stopping on by! Way cool!

      Had to laugh about the tri comment…my sis and I are totally failing at our “learn to swim” mantra for 2011 so far. We gotta get on it!!

  7. I love Core Fusion and Physique 57. They’ve changed my workouts for the better. I used to obsess about exercise and thanks to Core Fusion, I have much laid back approach. The workouts are tough though! I’m in Boston too! Good luck!

    • Hey! Thank you for stopping by! I’m off to check out your blog next, fellow Boston-ite! Have you been to Exhale Boston for classes? We should do a blogger meet-up there and take a class sometime. How fun! And thank you for your comment about how taking CF and Physique 57 helped you to be more laid-back about your workouts. I’m excited for the change, it’s going to be a BIG adjustment for me!

  8. I heart Core Fusion! I started my own CF challenge (also inspired by Dori) in November. I also had the mindset of gotta sweat buckets and do lots of cardio and wieght training to be in shape. Problem was, my body didn’t look the way I wanted it to. I’m not as young as I used to be, and that tummy pooch that “all women” get at a certain age (check out Elisabeth no pooch there) and everyone says you can’t do anything about had reared it’s ugly head seemingly overnight. Well, guess what? After doing CF workouts 4-5 days a week (on DVD because I don’t live near any Live CF venues) after the second week, I really started to see a change–no joke. The tummy pooch was flattening out and my upper outer thigh saddle bags were getting smaller too. I’m so sold on CF. I have all the DVDs, which I rotate. Now my abs are flatter, my core is strong, my legs look leaner, and my arms look fabulous. The other great thing about CF is that you can always challenge yourself. You get stronger and you are able to do more. I absolutely love the workouts, and what I have now is functional strength and balance. I’m grateful that the DVDs make these fabulous workouts available to everyone. Good luck on your challenge. I will follow it with interest.

    • Ah!! This comment makes me SO EXCITED about the challenge!! I’ve been doing the CF workouts here and there the past few weeks but am HOPING that with a really big focus on CF for the month that I’ll hopefully see more improvements than ever. THAT is the ultimate goal anyway. I am so excited! Thank you for stopping by, your comment was sooo encouraging!

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  11. ahhhh! I am SO, so excited to follow you along in this challenge! I know from Dori how amazing CF is for your body. I only wish we had it here in Indy! I am so excited to see how you like it and what your thoughts are. You’re gonna rock! 🙂

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  14. It is so hard to shift you mentality when you are shifting fitness modalities. You get so used to a certain way of working out. I am sure you will do fantastic with this challenge and I am looking forward to updates 🙂

    • This is proving to be the hardest part – not the physical challenge but that mindset shift is VERY hard for me. In a good way though, I needed this shift more than I thought.

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