Legs, lungs, and other goals for the week

Y’know how they say it takes time to get your “sea legs?”

Well, after this morning’s run, it’s clear that I need to get my running legs (and lungs) back.


Not that I’d qualify this morning’s run as “bad,” it was just eye-opening. I haven’t focused as much on my running in the past couple of months for one reason or another and it’s clear that my running endurance has taken a little bit of a hit. Though, instead of letting frustration get in the way of me rediscovering my running groove, I’m going to embrace this morning’s run for what it was – a learning experience.

And of course, I now have a plan (don’t I always??). This week is all about getting my running legs and lungs back. Come Saturday, I want to experience runner’s high again, allowing my body to go, my mind to freely wander, taking in the sights and sounds around me. Just me. Running.

Here’s how I hope this week will look (as always, if life happens, this plan may change and I’m cool with that…):

Sunday – run (today was about 4.5 miles or so)
Monday – Core Fusion Pilates Abs (just two segments of the workout to get my core warmed up); followed by an early-AM run with Scott (really excited avout this, supposed to hit 80 tomorrow so I’m anticipating the morning to be fairly mild – and I’m hoping that running while the world wakes up will re-inspire me…there’s something so calming and centering about running in the dark, as the sun rises, with the birds chirping, my best friend by my side…)
Tuesday – chest/back workout and Core Fusion Body Sculpt – abs section only (Haven’t decided if this workout will look exactly the same as last week’s yet, I may opt for drop-sets vs. supersets. We shall see.)
Wednesday – Ride in the AM; weights in the PM – biceps/triceps (in case you’re wondering – the goal in adding Ride to the mix? Cardio improvement, and the benefits of cross-training)
Thursday – Run date with my sis and Steph in the AM; weights in the PM – legs/shoulders
Friday – rest (this may involved some very, very light yoga  – I promise – to stretch out what I anticipate to be very sore legs by this point in the week)
Saturday – Run with Scott – runner’s high, please?

So the difference in this week’s workout plan versus last week? There’s a big focus on running. Four planned runs, in fact. My hope is that by recommitting to running again, by week’s end, this running “slump” I felt this morning will have all but passed. And I’m really looking forward to getting those running legs (and lungs) back again.

PS. A favor, please. My sis has had an incredibly hard time getting her running groove back. She is doubting her abilities (which is ridiculous, she’s very fit) and is seriously wondering if she’ll ever get her running endurance back. I’ve tried everything to get her to believe in herself and to let the mental piece of running go, to stop doubting herself, to stop letting her fears manifest themselves into physical reactions (like panicked breathing). But she won’t listen to me, at least not fully. So I’m calling all hands on deck – can you please throw some advice her way for me? Tips on letting your mind go, on rediscvoering your running groove, etc? Maybe she’ll listen to you vs. listening to her sister.  😉 Thanks friends!

26 thoughts on “Legs, lungs, and other goals for the week

  1. I am in the same boat right now, Jessica’s sis! I’m running again after injury recovery (not a running injury – but one injury was a broken ankle), and some days are good while others are still difficult. I keep going because that HIGH, and that breathing rhythm I get into? I had it, I loved it, and I know it will be back!!

    While I haven’t felt it YET, right now it IS what I am running towards!

    • Love this – great perspective, Kristina! Especially about recognizing that just because you haven’t felt it yet, but that you know you’re running towards it and that’s all that matters.

  2. we all have these days! i just had one this past week and had to learn to just shake it off. that’s the great thing about running – there’s always another opportunity for the elusive runners high. as for your sis, maybe try to experiment different types of running workouts (maybe like a run/walk method) to see what may help to find the groove again.

    • Well, for you to say you have these days too is nice to hear – from the lady who runs marathons like it’s just another day. 😉 You truly are my run-spiration in so many ways. You make it look so easy sometimes, I swear! But thank you, you’re right – there’s always tomorrow. My groove is there, it’s just being more elusive than usual. 😉

    • I was going to say the exact same thing. Starting out and re-starting are the hardest thing for any runner. If one pushes through the hard times good times do eventually come even if it feels like they never will.

      Wish I had better advice. Another tip would be running slower and stopping each run before completely fatigued (feeling like she could run for another 10 minutes when she stops).

      • I know – I guess I have a hard time being patient – I know it’ll turn around and I’ll be back in my groove again, I just hated feeling how I did this morning on my run. I usually LOVE to run but today was not one of those days. Tomorrow is a new day though, right?

  3. You need to also remember that you have been sick. I would venture to say that some of the running issues today stems more from that than loss of endurance. Remember all those dreadmill intervals you were doing?

    It’s so hard to tell someone how to find their groove again. Running is so personal. I always thought it was a great time to just think and plan, then I realized that it was even better when I just let go. Completely. Didn’t worry about meal planning, errands, to-do lists…nadda. Just running, looking around, soaking it all in. Sometimes it’s nice to run sans music even to really let go and just listen to your body work.

    • Such a great comment, friend. You’re right, I sort of wasn’t taking the whole sick thing into the equation. But you’re absolutely right, I’m sure that’s partly why I felt like I was struggling more than I should have been this morning.

      As for the whole groove thing – another really, really good point. It’s really up to my sis to find her groove when it comes to running. I can tell her all about what has worked for me in the past, show her articles and blog comments galore, but ultimately she’s got to dig deep to find that groove. It’s there, I know it is, but SHE has to know it.

      I love the part about really letting go and letting/listening to your body work. Love love love that.

  4. don’t worry, your sis will find her running groove!! You guys need each other. What a special gift that is. And thats what you need to tell her. She has a gift of health, use it!

    • aw you are so right, we are very lucky to have eachother. Not just for run-support but for all sorts of things in life. Truly a gift. As is good health, another gift – one that I will never ever take for granted. Cheers, friend.

  5. I have a feeling you are going to have a great week of workouts and get your running legs/lungs back. It can be discouraging when we lose that endurance or running “fitness”, but it comes back with a little perseverance and determination. My advice to your sister would be to pick her ideal time and place to run – I know that isn’t always possible with busy schedules, but make running enjoyable by taking the stress, obligation and boredom factors out of it. Run because we are healthy and capable! I like to run without music sometimes and just pray.

  6. Aww…such great feedback, thank you everyone! And thank you sis for putting out a call for help 😉 A lot of it is mental, I know, and also just re-starting to get back into a groove and getting to that “letting go” phase. I know I am capable of it, it’s just finding it again. This week, I am determined to have a good run!

  7. I would tell your sister to remember who she is running for: herself. It doesn’t matter if she can run as fast or as far, what matter is that she is getting out there and enjoying it and feeling that high that you can only get with running.

  8. It always helps me to have a schedule. If I am in training for something, I’ll make myself run and eventually get my groove back whereas if I’m just running to run, I might not do it. Don’t know if that makes any sense.

  9. Always the planner! You have a great week ahead. I’m sure you (and your sis!) will find your running groove again soon. I got sick last fall and it took a full three weeks to feel normal when running. When I’m in a slump, I try not to put any pressure on the run. No specific time or distance. I also make lots of plans to run with other people. They often help me forget that I’m feeling sluggish and I end up having a great time running and chatting. Running, like any good relationship, is cyclical. There are lots of highs and lows, but once a runner, always a runner!

  10. For me, hitting a specific goal (whether it be time, distance, # of runs per week, etc) gives me that runners high. Does she have a goal in mind? It could help!!

  11. I love your workout plans for this week, glad you’ll be getting your runners groove back. What a great idea to incorporate core fusion as well as weights, spin and running. Great plan. I’ve gone back to do Cathe’s Gymstyles series this week along with Muscle Max, haven’t done that workout in a while.

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  14. I just want to echo what Heather said — you’ve had a rough bout of illness, and your endurance is likely suffering more from that than from a loss of CV and muscle fitness. Get the 4 runs in, but make them about reintroducing your body to running again, not going crazy mental with the speedwork and such!

    And for sis, I think my best advice is go to a trail / route that she really loves — or maybe even a new spot — and without any kind of gadgetry, and make running about the art of movement and the joy of exploring. When you do it not for time and pace, but for carrying yourself through beautiful forest or along a river, the fun starts to come back 🙂

    • Uh oh, now you two are teaming up on me, I’m in trouble. 😉 Just kidding, Heather’s point, and yours are totally right. I should give myself more leeway and not worry so much about it, because it will work out. I just need patience and a little bit more time.l

      And I promsie – my running this week is all about re-finding the joy of running and not focusing on anything crazy at all. I am desperately seeking runner’s high! Hopefully on Thursday with my sis. Fingers crossed.

  15. I’ve fallen in/out of the groove many times, I can assure it comes back!! 🙂 Usually it’s a rest period after a long training, where my mind and body are just a little burned out. I’ve always found that a SCHEDULE does the trick, and usually a running-buddy is necessary (accountability!). After my first marathon last Spring, it took me about a month (after a month+ off) to really get “back in the groove” – it took about 4 weeks of consistent running dates and weekend Long runs (which could mean anything – just further than your week runs).

    So, long-winded answer up there, but yes of course the groove will come back! 🙂

    • I love your response – and agree with everything you said, totally. The run dates will definitely help as will building up my own schedule to get back in the groove. Even though I’m not doing any sort of race training (yet) this year, having a schedule for when I’ll run next will help me rebuild my endurance and find that runner’s high again soon.

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