Of bucket lists and resolutions

So – as I was getting ready to draft my post today, which I fully intended to be short and sweet (best intentions, I swear!), I stumbled on  my 2011 resolutions post.

I was really just digging around trying to find the “bucket list” post I wrote awhile back. Why? Because I’m about to knock something off my bucket list that I probably never even mentioned as one of my “bucket list, fitness-style” goals.

But alas, it *is* a bucket list item of mine:

I’m going to run in Central Park this weekend!! 

Seems like such a small thing – especially if you live in NYC and Central Park is just another park to you – but for me, it signifies the quintessential running experience, somehow. I’m not even really sure why, but for me – it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m really excited that I’ll get that shot over the weekend.

I’ll be in NYC to see one of my favorite friends get (re) married to her total soul mate. They are actually getting married right in Central Park (so NO RAIN, please!) which I think is just the coolest thing ever. I promise to take lots of pics to share – including a few of me rocking a new dress that I am hoping looks pretty killer after all this work I’ve been putting into things. 😉

But back to the whole resolutions and bucket list thing – I was re-reading my 2011 resolutions post and it dawned on me: I’ve almost killed the entire list already and we’re only halfway through the year! 

For example:
I’ve kicked fat talk to the curb – and I do believe it is gone for good. Yes, please.

I’ve gotten over my hatred of yoga/pilates style workouts – um hello, barre n9ne challenge!!

I’ve signed up for my next half marathon. Oh yes, I have. Bring it on, baby!

I’m learning to give myself a bit of a break – letting my Type-A tendencies go just a wee bit. I can’t say I’ve killed this one (yet) but hey – work in progress, right?

The only thing I haven’t touched yet is the whole I wanna do a triathalon thang. I kinda need to learn to swim first. Oops. Have gotten nowhere on that one. Note to self – teach self to swim at the lake this summer.  Um, maybe??

Oh – and while I’m at it, another item I’d like to add to my “bucket list” for this year? A return to NYC for a barre bootcamp weekend – an idea I concocted with Dori. I think it’s a pretty fab concept, personally. I’m trying to get Sam at Mom at the Barre, Jess at FitChickintheCity and Ali at AliontheRun (so I can convince her that barre workouts ARE truly awesome afterall, haha). Anyone else want in on this party?? 😉  (Tanya and Jo, perhaps?)

And with that – I’m off to get my workday accomplished (very long to-do list, oy) and then the road trip to NYC begins bright and early tomorrow morning (with a packed cooler – gotta keep my game face on, challenge-wise, food log, I will continue to own you!).

Weee! 😉

41 thoughts on “Of bucket lists and resolutions

  1. Um, what about ME for the barre weekend?! Just sayin 😉
    I LOVE that you almost did your whole 2011 list already! overachiever 😉 Haha, but seriously, I love that, and love the fat talk one especially. I wish I was going to be there in time to run in central park with you!

  2. Running in Central Park is totally on my bucket list. I don’t know why. I think maybe it came from watching sex and the city?

    I was thinking about you today at the gym when I was engaging in fat talk YET AGAIN. I didn’t notice it coming back, if you see what I mean. I just realised one day that it was. I think it was hiding behind “unwell talk”, or something like that. Except once I got better, it remained. Bah. You’ve encouraged me to work at getting rid of it again though. It has no useful place in my life!

    Am looking forward to the unveiling of the dress (and barre n9ne figure)!

    • Hmm maybe the Sex and the City factored into my reason too, who knows? Either way, it was a very cool experience.

      And man, I am SO GLAD you’re going to focus on banning the fat talk. You are strong and fit and beautiful, don’t ever doubt that!

  3. Congrats girl! That is awesome to check something off your bucket list. I need to make one…I have bits and pieces written all over. 🙂

    I am impressed by your progress on the 2011 resolutions – overachiever! 😉

    • You would’ve loved Central Park!!! Running by the lake in Chicago sounds awesome too! I’ve always wanted to visit Chicago too, must add that to my “must visit” list 🙂 That and Little Rock…

  4. Have so much fun in NYC! It’s my favorite city lately.

    I think you may love tri training. It’s a great way to participate in an endurance event and incorporate so many different exercises into training. I just started training for a tri and I’m loving it. In fact, I may be registered for my first one!

    • NYC was amazing. I LOVED it!!

      I think I would love tri training, I’m just so darn afraid of the swim portion in particular. I need to find a swimming coach to get me past that fear. I can’t wait to hear about your tri training!

  5. i love your bucket list accomplishments! you learn to swim and i’ll learn to bike and then we can do a tri! sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! have fun!

  6. A triathlon is on my bucket list also! For some reason I’m most scared of the bike ride. I am completely unable to stay in my own lane unfortunately so that will require some work!

    And girl, I am totally in for the barre bootcamp weekend! Jess, Dori and I will plan a whole weekend of fun for us all! Amber,you need to come also, wont be the same without you!

    • I’m scared of the bike AND the swim – the swim for obvious reason but the bike, I haven’t ridden a non-stationary bike in so long I’d be afraid to fall!! Hence why I haven’t yet gone for a tri…yet. 😉

      Wouldn’t a barre bootcamp weekend be awesome???

  7. If I could afford any more trips this year I would say count me in too. LOL Have such a great time this weekend. That is something I would love to do one day too.

    PS – Adored your last post on the mirror. You should feel so strong and proud.

    • Ha, love it!! If we pull off the barre bootcamp weekend this year, we’ll perhaps make it an annual occasion and you can plan for it next year. 😉

      PS. thank you for your words on my “mirror” post – that means so much coming from you!!

  8. Man, I need to write things down like this and stick to them more often as well. thanks for the inspiration. I LOVE running in Central Park – haven’t done it in years – but LOVE it.

    • It’s kind of fun once you start making a list like this – especially when you don’t even realize you’ve been ticking through that list all year long! 🙂

    • aw! missed this! we ran around 8:30 or so on Saturday. I promise – I WILL be back so we can hit up as many barre classes as we can and we might as well toss a run in Central Park into the mix while we’re at it 😉

    • Hey thanks for stopping by!! The run in NYC was such fun – I seriously can’t wait to visit again just to run in the park. So many areas to explore, so little time!

  9. I’ve gotten over my dislike of yoga too & I’m actually planning a yoga challenge for the month of July for myself.

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