STS – that’s a wrap!

Today marks the end of my STS rotation.

I cannot believe it was just over three months ago that I decided to start this rotation – how the heck did that fly by so fast?!?

Of course, while I made my way through my last STS workout today, I started to assess how this rotation went vs. previous ones. <—-and ahem, note to self? Don’t try to do a killer STS heavy weight training workout *after* repeating yesterday’s interval workout on the treadmill. It.Nearly.Killed.Me.

So, my assessment?

Aside from feeling rather She-Ra like, other observations…

  • Paying closer attention to how close “to failure” I was on each set paid off. I felt like I worked my hardest everytime I did an STS workout. I can’t say that I necessarily felt that way after every STS workout last time around.
  • While I did not take measurements or before/after pics, I feel and see improvements. Note I didn’t say “changes” but “improvements”…I don’t view STS as a workout I went to to change my body but to improve upon what’s already there…it’s a mindset thing, learning to love who I am, what I am, right where I am, if that makes sense.
  • Stronger legs, stronger arms, means other workouts are stronger. I definitely saw much improvement in my kicking ability during Kick workouts than before. I can keep more forcefully and more effectively now. I credit stronger glutes, thighs and calves for that (oh how I love to hate leg workouts in STS – they get me good every single time).
  • I fell back in love with weight training this time. While I’ve always done weight training as part of my workouts, I never really LOVED it. I was always a cardio queen. But this time? I LOVED STS days, looked forward to them…hell I even had an anti-cardio week which is huge for this self-professed cardio addict! I call that progress. Now I love both, equally.

So that’s that. My self-assessment: STS style. My sister just finished her rotation, too which means we’re now collaborating on our big “what’s next” plan, which I plan to share with ya’ll next week. So you’ll have to be patient for now. 😉


In the meantime? I’m borrowing a fun theme for Friday, courtesy of Erin at The Healthy Apron who asked her readers to identify their “Favorite Feature Friday.” In other words – what feature about your body are you loving most right now? As Erin did, I’m urging you all to find one feature that you love and to celebrate it today. We work hard, might as well celebrate it, right??

For me? My shoulders are my favorite – not just because they are strong (and stronger thanks to STS), but like I told Erin, they are a shoulder that my friends and family can lean on whenever they need it. And I love to know that my loved ones trust me enough to come to me for whatever it is that’s bugging them. So that’s it – my shoulders!

Your turn. 🙂

31 thoughts on “STS – that’s a wrap!

  1. Love this recap sis! I totally agree with all of them. I feel so strong too. Loved my last week of STS. As for body part I dig right now? My ass. Yep. I said it. May just tie in to that next ‘challenge’ you allude to above helping along the way 😉

  2. You move fast! I like it 😀

    Awesome post. I’ve seen similar improvement to my cardio performance from weight training. I am also much more aware of my limits and MSK issues, which mean I can push myself more. I think more often than not we hold back, but lifting has both given me so much more confidence in my body and my mental focus, and has also taught me what acceptable pain levels are 😀

    Friday feature: I’m loving my butt. I spent a good hour working on it today, along with my legs (PT), and I love the fact that it sticks out. I also love that it’s starting to work properly again, but that’s a whole other story!

    Looking forward to “what’s next”. I love getting inspiration from other women who train 🙂

    • Yep, I don’t waste much time, do I? 😉

      You are so spot-on about the awareness piece, that is a great point!

      You are the second person to volunteer their butt as their favorite feature. I LOVE it!!!

  3. Congrats on finishing up STS again. I have one more week left – though I’ve done it a little different this time. I love the idea of making it a point to find something that you like about yourself. I like my arms. Yes, for vanity reasons, but also because they allow me to hug those I love.

    • I can’t believe how fast your rotation went too – it FLEW!!

      I love that you love your arms AND for vanity reasons too…which is totally cool in my book. Rock solid arms aren’t a bad thing if you ask me!

  4. Yeah well done for finishing another STS rotation, great observations of how this rotation was as well for you. I too feel that my legs are a lot stronger from plyo legs and I can now do hiit 40/20 (it’s still super tough but a few months ago, I couldn’t manage it). I like how your shoulders are there for your family to lean on. What a great way of thinking of a body part. I think my favourite body part will be my legs, they can take me from a to b, considering I rarely take the car out, I walk everywhere I can. Have a great weekend and well done on the STS. Go she ra!

  5. LOVED your recap! STS sounds so intense, but that’s incredible that it helped you to fall in love with weight training again. I’ll admit….I’ve been slack-a-lackin’ in that department lately….

    I love Favorite Feature Friday! Hmmm….mine would be my eyes – they might not be blue like I alllllways wanted them to be, but they get small and squinty and you can really show your happiness through your eyes. 🙂

    Thank you SO much for your sweet comment on my post, too, girl. It helped me so much to read through everyone’s thoughts. I’m bookmarking it for the future!

    • Anytime girl, I am just so damn proud of you!!!

      And for the record, I think you have perty eyes too 😉 And SO agree – you can totally see happiness in the eyes, they never steer you wrong. I love the smile lines around my husband’s eyes, they aren’t “wrinkles” to me, they are smile lines from years of happiness and laughter!

  6. STS sounds tough, but it fabulous! It’s something I should consider as I continue along with strength training. Nice work!

    I’d have to say my eyes are my favorite feature. I show my feeling through my eyes…and I just really like ’em! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    • It IS tough but it’s awesome, its the workout that made me realize not just how important strength training is but that I actually DO love it. A lot more than I ever thought I would, too! And it helps with all sorts of workouts to have strong arms, legs, etc., so a bonus all around in my book!

  7. congratulations on the wrap-up! sounds like it was quite a growing experience for you! as for my “feature” that i love? i love my calves. running makes them feel strong; and although they give me problems sometimes, i still love them!

  8. OMG, I totally know what you mean about *knowing* you’re doing something wrong and yet still doing it! What the hell is that about!? It’s such a perverse aspect of human psychology.. I also know what you mean about taking an age to recover from a workout. The day I did a 12 mile run in the heat, refuelled, and then did a heavy weights session in the gym, I thought I was never going to feel right again. Also the first time I’ve needed a spot to literally stop me dropping a weight on my own head (clean and jerk).

    We live and learn eh 😉

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