6 months later, a thank you

Tomorrow is November 12th.

Six months starting the barre n9ne 60-day challenge.

Six months that have changed my life in such a profound way that the words “thank you” simply do not do it justice.

In re-reading one of my first posts just before the start of the challenge, I am surprised (though I shouldn’t be) to see that every single one of my expectations for the challenge came true. A snippet from that post:

I’m excited. For change – in body, but even more so in mind. I want this to reset my thinking on what I believe my body is capable of.  Far too often I think I sell myself short in this area. I have doubts. I don’t always trust my body to carry me through whatever challenge it faces. I want to see that end.

…But I’m ready.
To embrace. 
To let go. 
To learn. 
To transform.  

To say that this challenge changed me physically is an understatement, for sure. I look in the mirror now and am happy with the person I see smiling back at me. I’m no longer afraid of the scale, it does not control me.  My clothes fit better – well actually they fit worse, but that’s because they’re all too big! I guess that’s what happens after shedding more than 15 inches (haven’t done the final measure-in yet!) and yes, some lbs too (though that was never a focus for me during this challenge).

But WAY more important to me than how I look on the outside? How I feel on the inside. Transformed

I’m practically bursting with pride and confidence
I trust myself, my body, to do things I never thought it could do.
I finish what I start,  and not with a wimper through that finish line, but with a bang.
I’m comfortable in my own skin.
I’m happier than I’ve ever been.  

I feel honored to wear the barre n9ne spokesmodel title proudly (I’m even on the website now, check me and my sis out, hehe). I’ve met and hopefully inspired (even if just a wee bit) so many beautiful and wonderful women who are all well on their way to their own refined lives. Paying it forward was such a big part of this experience for me and I love that I’ve gotten to do that through the awesome barre n9ne community that is now bursting with such energy, it makes me smile big everytime I step into the studio.

So today, I sit here feeling so thankfula phrase that *still* doesn’t do the past six months justice. 

Tanya I wish I had other words to use…but this will have to do. Thank you. For helping my sis and I to see what we are capable of. For helping us to recognize that we’re worth it.

If the past six months were this life-changing, I cannot even begin to imagine what the next six months will bring.

6 months later…thank you. 

28 thoughts on “6 months later, a thank you

  1. This sounds very inspiring–I just started reading, so I think I have a little catching up to do! Will check the links—I love transformative processes. It helps me think that some of my “stuck” clients can still get there when we find the right process for them!

  2. Its funny what getting your butt off the couch will do! You know, its not that you changed, I think this challenge just made you see what was really there in the first place.

    • Wow. You always have such an interesting slant on things, seriously. So very insightful of you. but seriously – you may have a really good point, I always had “this” in me, it just took the challenge for me to see what was there all along.

  3. LOVE your post sis! And love the common themes in our posts, down to a very similar title 😉 this is by far, the best thing we have ever accomplished together and the best part of it is that we did it together. And we are still doing it together. It feels incredible!

    • You’re right – the gift of being able to do this together has made this entire thing that much more incredible. To cheer eachother on, to coach eachother when needed, and to see our reflections in the mirror grow stronger, more fit and WAY more confident has been awesome. I love our new lives!!!

  4. Can’t wait to try Cathe’s barre workout (when the dvds finally arrive to me). Well done for doing so well with the barre challenge.

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  6. I still remember your first post! And your 60-day check-in. And all of your daily barre n9ne check-ins. Haha. Happy Anniversary, and I’m so glad you’re still in love with a program after 6 months. It takes a good program to keep someone on track and sticking around!

    • You’re right – this is one program that will be sticking around these parts for quite awhile, so don’t get sick of hearing about it because I will continue to blab about it’s awesome-ness as often as I can 😉

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